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      4 Quick Ways To Clean Up After Your Guests This CNY

      4 Quick Ways To Clean Up After Your Guests This CNY

      In a week or so, you will be at home, waiting for your guests and relatives to arrive as Chinese New Year rolls in. After much procrastination and help from our article on Top 5 Tips For Last Minute Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning, you notice that your house has never been cleaner. You celebrate this personal victory, but only for a moment. You realise that all this effort will be easily undone by the day's end.

      Don't worry, we got you covered. Here are some quick tips on cleaning up after your guests for this coming Chinese New Year.

      1. Food and perishables

      Clear the tables

      Make sure that this is the first step you do; who knows how tired you may be by the end of all the celebrations and merrymaking. Besides, if this is the only step you do, you won't have to worry about food going stale and the dishes will be ready for cleaning. While you are in the kitchen, you should also prepare some boiling water for step 3.


      2. Wipe down any surfaces

      Wipe surfaces

      Ensure that you have wiped all the top areas used by you and your guests. Pay special attention to table tops and chairs. Be sure to use disinfectant to get rid of those pesky germs and bacteria.  Don't be afraid to wipe off any dirt to the floor as the next step will take care of that. As long as you start from higher surfaces and go downwards, you won't have to do double duty in re-cleaning certain areas. As for furniture with fabric covers, a lint remover should make life a lot easier.


      3. Sweep and mop the floor

      Sweep and mop the floor

      Get your biggest broom and favourite mop ready. Pay special attention to the house entrance and dining areas as that's where most dirt would have accumulated throughout the visit. Add the boiled water to your favourite mopping cleaning product. This does 2 things: disinfect the water and also allows for shorter drying time after mopping up.


      4. Toilet duties

      Toilet duties


      Last but certainly not the least,  the bathroom. Focus on the toilet and sink. A quick wipe down of the sink faucet and toilet seat while also applying your favourite cleaning product into the toilet bowl should do the trick. Don't forget to chuck any of the hand towels into the laundry!

      Congratulations, your house is almost as fresh as it was right after spring cleaning! An additional piece of advice: plan ahead. Simple steps such as storing away excess cushions would make this process a lot simpler. This is also a great opportunity to embrace that minimalist lifestyle as less clutter translates to more free time after cleaning.

      As we are living through this pandemic, simple hygiene and cleaning practices goes a long way. It pays to be a good guest when you are visiting someone else's house this season; this means tidying up after yourself and staying home if you are not feeling well. That being said, do celebrate responsi bly and have a wonderful Chinese New Yea ahead!



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      Adulting Series: Cook More Than Just Instant Food At Home

      Slicing Vegetables

      Restaurant dining are increasingly popular due to the enjoyment and social aspects of fine dining. However, after a few days of consecutive restaurant meals, you will also notice a burn in your pocket and additional weight gain. Any other options? Cooking at home. 

      Apart from saving a significant amount of money by cooking at home, it is also a convenient option on your lazy days. As much as cooking may seem like an intimidating task, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences to eat or share your dish with your loved ones. Besides, it is truly an #Adulting failure when you notice that the only dish you can whip out of your kitchen are cereals, instant noodles or a sandwich. 

      Instead of being intimidated by the kitchen at your apartment, here are some of the tips that we would like to share with you:


      1. Kitchen Tools

      Kitchen Tools

      Whether you are setting up a new kitchen or familiarising with the kitchen, here are some that you will commonly use. 

      • Knife: Choose one that is not too heavy or flimsy and comfortable to hold. This way, you will be able to properly handle and control it.

      • Pots and Pans: Go for the non-stick option if your budget allows and cleaning up will be so much easier for you. Select pots and pans of different sizes so you can select one that fits best for the dish you are whipping up. 

      • Metal Spatula: Just like Spongebob’s trusty spatula, choose a sturdy metal one that fits best in your grip. You will definitely be using this one a lot.

      • Tongs: From flipping chicken on a pan to reaching spots in the oven, a pair of cheap but good tongs will be your handy assistant. 

      • Others: Utensils like measuring spoons, cups, peeler and can openers.


      2. Rice Cooker

      Rice Cooker

      As an asian, rice and carbohydrates play an important role in a satisfying meal. With just a push of a button, you will have white, fluffy rice to accompany your side dishes. That being said, an essential in the kitchen would be a reliable rice cooker. 

      To switch things up for you or your guest, there are a variety of rice cooker dishes that you can find on the internet. And the best thing is … most recipes allow you to throw in your ingredients and the rice cooker will do the job for you! Here are some of our favourites: 


      3. Start Small


      Other than just popping ingredients in the rice cooker, master your basic dishes. Learn how to properly crack and fry an egg for a fancy scrambled egg breakfast. Boil potatoes and pasta until they are perfectly timed and cooked. Experiment pan-frying or baking with chicken, beef or fish. 

      Although these may sound basic, it will take you a good 3 to 4 fumbling and bumbling moments in the kitchen before you perfect them. 


      4. Have At Least One Go-to Recipe


      When you invite your friends or family over, it is important to serve a dish that you are most confident to impress them with. For that to happen, start by choosing a dish that is relatively easy and one that you consider delicious. Practice that dish until you are ready to invite people over to your apartment. 

      Remember, a reliable dish does not have to be fancy or over-the-top, it just needs to be delicious!  


      5. 3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

      Food in Fridge

      As cliché as it sounds, the ‘3R’s can be relevant to cooking as well. If you are living alone, it is difficult to buy 1 portion of ingredients in the supermarket. Instead, use the leftover ingredients to experiment with new recipes. If you made too much, keep it in the fridge and reheat it for another meal. 

      However, take note of the shelf life as fresh ingredients only stay good for a few days. 


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      Best Kitchen Utensils For Making Food Preparation Easier

      Leifheit Kitchen Utensils

      Chinese New Year 2021 is just under 2 weeks away, which means the time for the annual family reunion dinner is just round the corner too! While hosting a reunion dinner and preparing food may seem stressful, here are some of the kitchen gadgets to make your life easier than before! 

      With these useful kitchen tools, you can invite your guest over without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket from food deliveries or the long food preparation hours. 


       1. SALAD SPINNER 

      Leifheit Salad Spinner

      Start your meal off with a salad as a healthy appetizer option! When it comes to a delicious, flavour-packed salad, the greens must be so dry that the sauce clings onto it. A salad spinner allows you to dry your salad instantly with just a few presses. In addition, most salad spinners act as an elegant serving bowl that looks good on any dining table where you can store and serve them straight. 


       2. POTATO CUTTER 

      Leifheit Potato Cutter

      Switch up your snack game with potato or vegetable sticks. You can now easily slice up your potato or vegetable in perfect strips and pop it in the air fryer. Voilà, nothing better than self-made, fresh, delicious potato chips in just a few minutes!



      Leifheit Garlic Press

      Garlic is an essential ingredient for many diverse cooking styles. However, we also understand that it is a pain to chop a large amount of them. With a garlic press, simply open the lid and pop the cloves in! Not only is it effortless, your hands will not reek of garlic scent and remain clean. Time to add that flavour and aroma into your savoury dishes! 


      4. APPLE CUTTER 

      Leifheit Apple Cutter

      Serving fruit platter for your guest? With this amazing invention, you can now cut your fruits with just one simple push! Not limited to apples only, you can cut any fruit that fits in this slicer and it will separate the core and slice the rest into even bite-sized pieces. 



      Leifheit Perfect Roll Sushi

      How hard could it be to prepare Sushi? This dish might look simple but if you have tried preparing a large number of rolls, you will know how difficult it really is. From tearing Nori (seaweed) to food spilling out, you will never face this problem now with a sushi maker! Simply place your ingredients in, fold down the handle, pull the flap and the perfect Sushi roll is formed. 

      To switch things up, you can place the Sushi maker on the dining table and allow your guest to take part in this hands-on, fun experience (a good way to occupy the kids as well!). 



      Leifheit Potato Masher

      Designed to press and combine, a masher highlights the convenience of crushing your next dish! Not only for potatoes, this tool can also be used to prepare your egg salad, crush avocados for your guacamole dip or cookie crumbs for your dessert! 


      7. FOOD CHOPPER 

      Leifheit Food Chopper

      To limit your manual chopping and dicing, a food chopper is a handy indispensable tool to your kitchen and the best helper for your food preparation. Simply place your garlic, ginger and spice into the chopper and it’ll be ready in a jiffy! Often the cheaper option as compared to food processors, this is a must-have and efficient tool for your kitchen.


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