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      Clean Home

      leifheit home cleaning appliances tools

      A Clean Home Is A Dream Home

      Leifheit has a clear & superior solution to meet every challenge & household demand.

      Our cleaning products are well thought-out, and many can be inter-combined offering flexibility.

      Our variety allows for smooth & easy working, requiring little effort & without the need to bend down or hands becoming dirty.

      LEIFHEIT Clean Tenso Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner L11910 LEIFHEIT Clean Tenso Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner L11910On Sale
      $318.40 $398.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Cloth Micro L40005 Sold Out
      $12.80 $16.00
      LEIFHEIT Microfibre Household Cloth L40010 On Sale
      $6.40 $8.00
      LEIFHEIT Parquet Broom Xtra Clean 30cm L45033 LEIFHEIT Parquet Broom Xtra Clean 30cm L45033On Sale
      $20.00 $25.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Cloth Viles L40008 On Sale
      $12.80 $16.00
      LEIFHEIT Wring Mop Classic L56710 LEIFHEIT Wring Mop Classic L56710On Sale
      $38.40 $48.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Cloth Strong Eco L40007 On Sale
      $15.20 $19.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Cloth Bamboo Eco L40006 Sold Out
      $12.80 $16.00
      LEIFHEIT Telescopic Alu Handle 145-400cm L41523 On Sale
      $55.20 $69.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Sweeper Picobello L56553 LEIFHEIT Floor Sweeper Picobello L56553On Sale
      $78.40 $98.00
      LEIFHEIT Sponge Cloth L40019 Sold Out
      $9.60 $12.00
      LEIFHEIT Universal Cloth Micro Magic L40020 Sold Out
      $6.40 $8.00