LEIFHEIT Clean Tenso Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner | PRE-ORDER NOW at 40% DISCOUNT
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      Clean Home

      leifheit home cleaning appliances tools

      A Clean Home Is A Dream Home

      Leifheit has a clear & superior solution to meet every challenge & household demand.

      Our cleaning products are well thought-out, and many can be inter-combined offering flexibility.

      Our variety allows for smooth & easy working, requiring little effort & without the need to bend down or hands becoming dirty.

      LEIFHEIT Micro Duo Profi Wiper Cover L55126 LEIFHEIT Micro Duo Profi Wiper Cover L55126
      LEIFHEIT Profi Wiper Cover Static Plus L55111
      LEIFHEIT Profi Wiper Cover Outdoor L55146
      LEIFHEIT Profi Wiper Cover Cotton Cover Plus L55110
      LEIFHEIT Profi Wiper Cover Extra Soft L55140