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      Cleaning Products

      leifheit singapore cleaning products

      Your one-stop for a thorough house cleaning

      Leifheit carries a wide range of cleaning products. Brilliant ideas like cleaning agents, window vacuums, & floor wipers ensure that every corner of your home can be cleaned easily & effectively.

      LEIFHEIT Duster XL L41520 LEIFHEIT Duster XL L41520On Sale
      $16.80 $24.00
      LEIFHEIT Professional Sweeper Set L59117 Sold Out
      $45.50 $65.00
      LEIFHEIT Window & Frame Cleaner w/ Telescopic Handle L51120 LEIFHEIT Window & Frame Cleaner w/ Telescopic Handle L51120On Sale
      $68.60 $98.00
      LEIFHEIT Window Spray 500ml L41409 On Sale
      $12.60 $18.00
      LEIFHEIT Window Wiper 3-in-1 L51320 LEIFHEIT Window Wiper 3-in-1 L51320On Sale
      $34.30 $49.00
      LEIFHEIT Toilet Cloth L40001 Sold Out
      $4.55 $6.50
      LEIFHEIT Glass Cleaner 1L L41414 On Sale
      $15.40 $22.00
      LEIFHEIT Floor Cloth Micro L40005 Sold Out
      $11.20 $16.00
      LEIFHEIT Dust Glove L40021 On Sale
      $5.60 $8.00
      LEIFHEIT Window Cloth Duo L40002 Sold Out
      $7.00 $10.00
      LEIFHEIT Microfibre Household Cloth L40010 Sold Out
      $5.60 $8.00
      LEIFHEIT Window Washer Powerwasher L51144 On Sale
      $26.60 $38.00