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      Kitchen Utensils

      leifheit kitchen utensils

      Leifheit Kitchen Companions

      While working in the kitchen, we need utensils that we trust to get the job done quickly & effectively. Our goal is to equip you with handy & reliable kitchen utensils to make life in the kitchen easier.

      LEIFHEIT Can Opener Exact L03141 On Sale
      $29.90 $40.00
      LEIFHEIT Skimming Spoon Proline L03052
      LEIFHEIT Kitchen BBQ Tongs 41cm L03078
      LEIFHEIT Spatula Proline L03023
      LEIFHEIT Vegetable Large Proline L03024
      LEIFHEIT Ladle Large Proline L03025
      LEIFHEIT Spaghetti Spoon Proline L03026
      LEIFHEIT Proline Carving Fork L03029
      LEIFHEIT Proline Potato Macher L03032
      LEIFHEIT Kitchen BBQ Tongs 23cm L03041
      LEIFHEIT Kitchen & Grill Tongs 31cm Proline L03083
      LEIFHEIT Proline Microcut Coarse Grater L03080 LEIFHEIT Proline Microcut Coarse Grater L03080