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      Smart Kitchen

      leifheit singapore kitchen tools appliances storage

      Innovation in the Kitchen

      Whether to open, to prepare, to chop or to store – Leifheit's wide range of kitchen utensils, tools & food containers are well thought-out & developed to breathe live & excitement into the mundane.

      LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 106ml L03209 LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 106ml L03209On Sale
      $4.64 $5.80
      LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 314ml L03210 LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 314ml L03210On Sale
      $7.84 $9.80
      LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 770ml L03211 LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Jar 770ml L03211On Sale
      $10.24 $12.80
      LEIFHEIT Vegetable Grater Micro Cut Coa L03008 Sold Out
      $30.40 $38.00
      LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Bottle 256ml L03213 LEIFHEIT Hexagonal Bottle 256ml L03213On Sale
      $5.44 $6.80
      LEIFHEIT Foldable Salad Spinner Wash & Dry L23234 On Sale
      $60.00 $75.00
      LEIFHEIT Fresh & Slim Collapsible Storage Box Round 1.0L Green L31235 LEIFHEIT Fresh & Slim Collapsible Storage Box Round 1.0L Green L31235On Sale
      $17.60 $22.00
      LEIFHEIT Proline Food Mill L23050 On Sale
      $94.40 $118.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Twistcut For Fruit & Vege L23041 On Sale
      $62.40 $78.00
      LEIFHEIT Chopper Comfort & Clean L23030 On Sale
      $44.00 $55.00
      LEIFHEIT Handmill Trimulino L22855 On Sale
      $28.00 $35.00
      LEIFHEIT Chips Cutter L03206 On Sale
      $39.20 $49.00