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      Smart Kitchen

      leifheit singapore kitchen tools appliances storage

      Innovation in the Kitchen

      Whether to open, to prepare, to chop or to store – Leifheit's wide range of kitchen utensils, tools & food containers are well thought-out & developed to breathe live & excitement into the mundane.

      LEIFHEIT Glass Bottle 500ml L03180 On Sale
      $9.60 $12.00
      LEIFHEIT Flask Facette 1L L03179 On Sale
      $11.20 $14.00
      LEIFHEIT 3-in-1 Measuring Jug & Store 2.2L L03169 On Sale
      $25.60 $32.00
      LEIFHEIT 3-in-1 Measuring Jug & Store 1.4L L03168 On Sale
      $22.40 $28.00
      LEIFHEIT Silicone Dough Scraper 26CM L03166 On Sale
      $16.00 $20.00
      LEIFHEIT Plum Pitter L03154 On Sale
      $30.40 $38.00
      LEIFHEIT Proline Carving Fork L03029 On Sale
      $25.60 $32.00
      LEIFHEIT Proline Potato Macher L03032 On Sale
      $22.40 $28.00
      LEIFHEIT Measuring Jug 1.0L L03048 On Sale
      $22.40 $28.00
      LEIFHEIT Tong and Spatula 2-in-1 L03089 On Sale
      $25.60 $32.00
      LEIFHEIT Speed Quirl S L03097 LEIFHEIT Speed Quirl S L03097On Sale
      $25.60 $32.00
      LEIFHEIT Speed Quirl M L03098 On Sale
      $27.20 $34.00