10 Cleaning Task You Can Tackle In 5 Minutes

The power of 5 minutes is real. If you are already spending time to give this article a read, it shows that you are ready to make a difference to your home! Indeed, you can get a significant amount of household chores done in 5 minutes that will make a big difference.  

We have collated a total of 10 different speed cleaning tasks that you can complete within 5 minutes.


a) Kitchen 

  • Wipe down the kitchen counter and backsplash: Yes, the water that you leave behind at the kitchen counter will evaporate. However, it will also stain the counter. For 5 minutes or less, wipe down the kitchen counter and you will have a shiny one in no time! 

  • Empty all garbage and replace the bags: If this is not a daily task for you … it is time to take out the trash! Keep to a daily routine or schedule so the bad smell doesn't linger. 

  • Give your sink a spa: Before your sink starts to clog up or emit a weird scent, give your sink a little love with a spa day. You can do so by placing a chunk of citrus peel and turn on the water or use baking soda to reach the pipes. 

  • Wipe down hobs and hoods: Whipping up more meals during this work from home period? If you have not been maintaining it after each use, take this 5 minutes to clean the grease and oil stains off your hob and hood. If you scrub it hard enough, it will look as good as new! 


b) Bedroom

  • Make your bed: Give your sheets a fluff and a pull and you will achieve that perfect bed that you see in hotel rooms. 

  • Separate your laundry: Use this time to sort and separate your laundry into different piles. (You will thank us when laundry day arrives)

  • Take out the trash: If you have a trash can in your room, take some time to dispose it’s content. And if you do not have a trash can around, use 5 minutes to pick up the stray tissue paper lying around, cotton wool or contact lens cases.


c) Living Room

Living Room
  • Wipe your gadgets: That remote that you have been using with the greasy fingers you use to eat your chips? Time for you to clean it! Give your gadgets a good wipe down and it will definitely feel cleaner than ever. 

  • Do a quick pick-up: As a common space for gatherings, the items will lose its designated spot easily. Place it back or trash items that do not belong in the living room. 


d) Bathroom

  • Give the floor a rinse: A 5 minute floor scrub is good enough to remove all the stray strands of hair lying around or yellow stains. If you are feeling it, go ahead to give the walls a scrub down as well! 



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