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      Lifestyle & Wellness

      Investing in a Laundry Rack: Is it Worth Your Money

      Doing laundry is a chore that most of us don't relish, but it's a necessary evil that needs to be done. However, using a laundry rack can make the process more manageable, and investing in a quality laundry rack offers a range of benefits that can make laundry day a little easier. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using a laundry rack and how a high-quality laundry rack can help you achieve the best results.

      1. Money and Energy

      Using a laundry rack instead of a dryer can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bill each year. According to the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, the average cost of running a clothes dryer is approximately $0.40 per load. Assuming that you do three loads of laundry per week, that equates to an annual cost of $62.40. By switching to a laundry rack, you can save this amount of money on your energy bill each year, which can add up over time.

      2. Protects Your Clothes

      A quality laundry rack is designed with your clothes' safety in mind. The rack's gentle drying process protects your clothes from shrinkage, fading, and stretching. Unlike a dryer, which can be harsh on your clothes, a high-quality laundry rack allows your clothes to dry naturally, so they stay in great condition for longer. This means you can extend the lifespan of your clothes, saving you money on replacements in the long run.

      3. Eco-Friendly Option

      Using a quality laundry rack is an eco-friendly option that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing a product that doesn't require any electricity or gas to operate, you're doing your part to protect the environment. Additionally, many high-quality laundry racks are made with eco-friendly materials, further reducing their impact on the environment. This is especially important in Singapore, where we strive to be a green and sustainable nation.

      4. Space-Saving Solution

      A quality laundry rack is a space-saving solution that can help you make the most of your limited space. Whether you live in a small apartment or have a tiny laundry room, a laundry rack can be easily folded and stored when not in use. Some laundry racks are even designed to be mounted on walls or hung from ceilings, further maximizing your space. This is particularly important in Singapore, where space is a premium commodity.

      5. High-Quality Products

      Investing in a high-quality laundry rack is important for achieving the best results. A quality laundry rack is durable, sturdy, and reliable, ensuring that your clothes are drying properly and that the rack will last for years to come. Additionally, many high-quality laundry racks are designed to be user-friendly, so you don't have to worry about struggling to set them up or use them. This is particularly important in Singapore, where we value products that are built to last.

      In conclusion, investing in a quality laundry rack can make laundry day easier, more cost-effective, and more eco-friendly. With benefits like saving money and energy, protecting your clothes, being an eco-friendly option, providing a space-saving solution, and offering high-quality products, it's clear that investing in a quality laundry rack is a smart choice for Singaporeans. So why not make laundry day a little easier and invest in a quality laundry rack today?

      The Range of Ironing Board Covers Leifheit Carries

      The Range of Ironing Board Covers Leifheit Carries

      At Leifheit, we carry a total of 7 high quality & highly functional ironing board covers.

      With all their unique features, you might be wondering which ironing board cover(s) is good and will be the perfect one for you. You have come to the right place because we’ve got just the answer you are searching for!

      All of our ironing board covers are suitable to be used with conventional steam irons or a basic clothes iron, with the exception of the Perfect Steam ironing board cover, that is also suitable to be used with a steam generator iron.

      Aside from their compatibility with steam irons, their unique features ranges from these 6 other categories: Easy Fit, Heat & Steam Reflection, Glide Zone, Park Zone, Steam Permeable and Heat Reflection.

      Now that we are familiar with how to read the chart that is available at the back of every ironing board cover packaging, let get down to the unique features of each ironing board cover!


      Cotton Classic Ironing Cover


      -Made with a 3 mm thick foam padding that ensures real ironing comfort.

      -Makes ironing easier and protects laundry - without additional fleece. 

      -Fitted with elastic drawstring - is quick and simple to put on. 

      -Comes with a tension clip to tighten the cover’s grip around the ironing board to ensure the cover doesn't slip and sits taut every time you iron

      -Padding and materials are Eco-Tex certified for quality and are eco-friendly.

      Suitable for: every day ironing.


      Cotton Comfort Ironing Cover


      -Made with a 4 mm padding made of Molleton 

      -Guarantees maximum ironing comfort and ensures fleece-free laundry ironing. 

      -Fitted with an elastic pull cord that allows it to be put on quickly and easily

      -The tension clip ensures that the cover fits perfectly onto any ironing board. 

      -All materials are Eco-Tex certified and guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

      Suitable for: every day ironing.


      Heat Reflect


      -Makes ironing faster with a metallic surface that reflects the heat from the iron. 

      -The iron is able to glide noticeably easier over your laundry and ironing is significantly quicker.
      -The smart metallic cover is simple and easy to put on thanks to its elastic drawstring. 

      -The materials are Eco-Tex certified for quality and are eco-friendly. 

      -A tension clip for easy tightening ensures a permanent tight fit. 

      -The ironing board cover Heat Reflect Universal is suitable for all ironing boards up to a maximum size of 140 x 45 cm.

      Suitable for: everyday ironing, straightening stubborn creases


      Perfect Steam


      -Equipped with a fine perforation through which steam is optimally distributed. 

      -Made with a 4 mm thick molleton padding that ensures additional ironing comfort

      -Makes ironing noticeably more comfortable and is sensitive on laundry. 

      -Available in two attractive designs

      -Comes with an elastic drawstring to fit easily. 

      -The double-fastening ensures a crease-free fit: the cover can be tightened any time with the tension time and the Easy-Fit velcro on the sides gives additional hold. 

      -The cover is Eco-Tex certified for quality and is eco-friendly . 

      -The cover fits all ironing boards with steam generators up to a maximum size of 130 x 45cm.

      Suitable for: everyday ironing, straightening stubborn creases, steam ironing thicker & tougher fabrics/ materials


      Thermo Reflect


      -Reduces ironing time by up to 33%. 

      -Available in two attractive designs

      -Reflects steam and heat from the iron instead of allowing it to soak through the ironing surface. This creates a double-sided iron effect that makes ironing significantly faster compared with a conventional ironing board cover. 

      -The 4 mm thick molleton comfort layer ensures additional ironing comfort. 

      -Equipped with an elastic drawstring which can be fitted in next to no time. 

      -The Easy-Fit velcro on the sides and a clip for tightening ensure a crease-free fit. 

      -The materials are Eco-Tex certified for quality and are eco-friendly. 

      -The Leifheit Thermo Reflect Universal is the original cover for the ironing board Leifheit Air Board and is ideal to use with steam irons.

      Suitable for: everyday ironing, straightening stubborn creases, steam ironing thicker & tougher fabrics/ materials

      Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to find a suitable ironing board cover, learnt more about the range of ironing board covers Leifheit carries and their various unique features, it’s time to get your hands on the one most suited to your lifestyle! From now till 30 September, enjoy 50% off ALL ironing board covers by following a few simple steps! Find out more about how to score this amazing discount on the best ironing board covers in Singapore here:

      Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

      Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

      Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

      Trying to skimp on the quality of your ironing board cover?

      Here are some reasons why investing in a good ironing board cover matters:

      1) A good ironing board cover supports the transfer of heat & steam

      LEIFHEIT Heat Reflect Ironing Board Cover


      Regardless of technique or strength, the key ingredient for ironing to remove wrinkles is heat (and steam). If there’s an inadequate transfer of steam and heat from the iron to your clothing, the wrinkles won’t disappear & it would have ended up as a waste of your energy and time.

      The right ironing board cover allows for the easy transfer of heat and steam from the iron into your clothing, smoothening out those pesky wrinkles fast.


      2) A good ironing board cover is fitting and secure

      A well-fitted ironing board cover fits snugly on your ironing board as it should not crinkle up or shift around when ironing clothes on it, allowing  the transfer of heat and steam to occur properly and improves the efficacy of ironing your clothing on it - resulting in straightened and smoothened clothes! Sometimes, these ironing board covers can come with an elastic drawstring or a tension clip that ensure that they sits tightly and firmly on the ironing board just like the Thermo Reflect featured above.


      3) A good ironing board cover is one that suits your lifestyle & ironing habits

      LEIFHEIT Cotton Classic Ironing Board Cover


      As fashion moves along with times, our wardrobes might likely have expanded with a variety of clothing that comes in all different materials & fabrics. Just as how there are different ways in caring for the various materials of clothing, there are different ironing board covers made with varying functions to suit specific types of clothing and ironing habits.

      Some fabrics allow for faster ironing and prevent scorching or damaging clothing fabrics when compared to others. A smoother ironing board cover is generally better because heat and steam transfer easier through a smoother surface than a coarse one.

      Some are better or worse than others at keeping your clothes from moving around too much on the board, and that obviously has an effect on how much you can get the wrinkles out.

      Regardless of whether you are ironing your go-to cotton t-shirt or your favourite silk dress, we have an ironing board cover that will meet your every ironing need! Get yours today!:

      Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes

      Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes

      Have you ever stood infront of the ironing board thinking to yourself if this t-shirt or dress really needs to be ironed? Especially with an ever-growing ironing pile, it's easy to feel defeated or unmotivated to keep ironing. Despite ironing being one of the household chores most people shun away from, there are actually a host of benefits to this chore & can potentially be motivating factors to make ironing a part of your lifestyle too!



      1. Clothes look better for longer

      Steam ironing garments help fabric fibres soften and return to their original state improving their quality and ensuring their longevity. Some fabrics stretch out as you wear them, changing the original form of the garment. By ironing your shirts, dresses & even jeans, your garments will maintain its shape and look like new for longer.


      1. Steam kills germs & eliminate moulds

      A steam iron heats up to 212 degrees Celsius in order to generate steam, and at this temperature, the steam kills bacteria, germs, mould, and even dust mites. Steam ironing also replaces the need to use toxic chemicals in order to sanitise your clothes. If you are a pet owner, you can also run your steam iron over surfaces to restore the freshness!



      1. Steam ironing removes odours

      Do you know that one of the causes of body odour is due to the occurrence of a natural by-product of bacteria living in our clothes? By ironing your clothes, bacteria are killed and the odour dissipates. Sports gear and polyester fabrics can sometimes also trap the stench of sweat but there's nothing a good steam cannot fix, leaving your clothes super fresh and hygienic!



      1. Safer than dry cleaning

      Dry cleaners use harmful chemicals that you avoid by doing your laundry and ironing at home. Most dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene and other chemicals like it to treat garments. These toxic chemicals are harmful to our health as they stick to your clothing and can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin too.



      1. Ironing helps reverse shrinkage

      Steam ironing helps with relaxing and flattening the fibers of your woven fabrics which can restore the natural shape of the garments that might have tightened up during the washing or drying cycle. This can sometimes make the difference between clothing feeling too tight or just right.



      1. Improved first impressions & image
      Dressing well and having crease-free clothing shows that you take pride in yourself. It follows that people who take pride in themselves take pride in other areas of their lives too. First impressions last, and just like you will observe what you do and do not like, so will your date or your future employer. Don't allow the wrinkled appearance of your clothing to distract them from the good stuff!

      If you still need some convincing, start somewhere & start small. Choose your battles wisely. Thanks to modern textiles, there are iron-free fabrics which can help to reduce the number of garments you have to iron & also to save you the time taken to complete this chore.

      With the many positives that comes with ironing or steam ironing your clothes, maybe it might not be too difficult to incorporate it as part of your lifestyle! Let Leifheit give you a hand in your ironing journey through our selection of ironing board covers by checking out our website:

      How to prevent backaches when doing chores?

      Simple household tasks can turn into trouble for people with persistent back pain. But following a few general rules can help minimize the risk of injury and keep your back healthy.

      Here are 5 tips on how to protect your back when doing household chores:

      1) Posture when lifting
      -Poor posture when lifting heavy objects or poor lifting technique can cause back pain or back injuries. The natural tendency to round your back when bending over to pick things up is a motion that can put your hips at an awkward angle that places stress on the ligaments around your spine. Keeping your shoulders stable, engaging your pelvis & bending your knees when lifting ensure that you don’t overextend your back, preventing stress & injuries to your back.

      2) Change your position
      -Being in the same position, be it sitting or standing, for an extended period is tiring and can also cause muscle aches or strains. When standing for long periods of time, such as cooking or cleaning, try widening your stance or alternating your position to avoid repeated stress on the same muscles.

      3) Strengthen your core muscles
      -Exercises like planks, pelvic tilts and crunches can help to strengthen lower back & abdominal core muscles. These groups of muscles are often engaged when you are doing your chores.

      4) Stand proud when vacuuming, sweeping or mopping
      -Avoid bending and pushing while vacuuming. Instead, stand upright with your chest pushed out slightly, think military style, and use your legs rather than your back to move forward and backward.

      5) Choose the right tools
      -Tools are invented to make our lives easier but if they make chores even more frustrating & time-consuming, then they might not be the right tools for you! Select tools that are lightweight, portable, and easy to manoeuvre - Leifheit’s Regulus Aqua PowerVac 2-in-1 is a great example of such a cleaning tool! This cleaning tool is capable of both vacuuming & wiping the floor simultaneously which saves you time & effort especially from the physical work of filling a bucket full of water, lugging it around & throwing away the dirty water after use. It also comes with wheels for easy manoeuvrability and is fully battery operated which allows you to cover greater spaces without having to find an alternative power source as compared to a vacuum that comes with a cable.

      Investing in the right tools for the right chores would make a whole world of difference to how you feel about chores each time you do them!