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      Lifestyle & Wellness

      Adulting Series: Quick Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Game

      Adulting Series: Quick Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Game

      Setting chores aside for “later” will only leave you to clean a bigger mess than when you take a few minutes of your time to do the task. Read on for tips on how to combat the lazy clean up bug.

      1. Washing Your Dishes

      Washing Your Dishes

      Many people hate washing dishes. After all, lying down on the couch or the bed with a full stomach is much more tempting. However, piling dirty dishes in the sink for when you have the time is not the way to go. Dishes with the leftover bits of food will attract pest and insects and will give off a nasty stench when left unwashed for too long.

      If having to wash piles of dirty dishes has been a problem for you, what you can do is start cleaning up early. As you wait for your dish to finish cooking, start washing the knife and the cutting board and all the other crockeries used to prepare the meal. It is much easier to start cleaning up after a meal when there are just several dirty bowls or plates and cutleries to clean. Having a lot to wash; pots, pans, knife, cutting board etc., tends to daunt people in doing the chore.

      2. Folding Your Laundry

      Folding Your Laundry

      Folding clothes and stowing them away neatly is satisfying for some but for others, not so much. For those who hate folding clothes, their laundry may end up in a stack at the corner of their room, collecting dust and wrinkles. The clothes might also have a strange smell on them as they were left without being properly stored in a space that have a dehumidifier which combats mould and musty odours.

      If you hate folding laundry or cannot seem to fold neatly, hang them up instead. Remember to not over stuff your wardrobe as it will result in clothes with folds. A little tip: iron your clothes only when you are about to wear it! Ironing it and stowing it back to the wardrobe will give it the creases that you have tried so hard to remove.

      P.S. You are in luck if you are looking for a new ironing board, Leifheit is holding a 20% storewide discount until 13 June 2021

      3. Sweeping And Mopping The Floor

      Sweeping And Mopping The Floor

      Sweeping and mopping the floor should be done regularly. With dust, fallen hair, and dirt gathering daily, you will be taking the filth all around the house if you do not clean the floor. Try to make sweeping a morning routine and mopping a weekly routine. You can consider sweeping as a short morning workout before you start off your day.

      Share the article with your friends and family if the tips sounds useful!


      cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Things You NEED To Do While Working From Home

      Things You NEED To Do While Working From Home

      With the recent heightened measures to curb local Covid-19 cases, gyms are closed, there is no dining-in and working from home has yet again become the default for many. Read on to get some ideas to ensure that the new measures are not taking a toll on your well-being. 

      1. Home Workouts

      Home Workouts

      The first thing that comes to mind regarding healthy living is exercising. Finding the time and space to exercise will be challenging especially in a crowded household. However, having to sit down for hours while you work is already constricting enough, so get a move around in your free time. Besides, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

      After dinner, try to set aside 15-30 minutes to do simple exercises (that don't take up much space) such as stretches, some jumping jacks or several sets of static exercises such as planks. You can also follow short exercising videos that have been posted on YouTube. Do you remember Chloe Ting and Emi Wong’s workouts from last year? 

      2. Leisure Hours

      Leisure Hours

      Some days may get a bit too much. Take a breather after you finish work or once the kids are asleep. Go enjoy a pint of ice cream, do some retail therapy, read that book that you have been wanting to dive into. You have done well pulling through the day. You deserve a treat! 

      P.S. Leifheit is holding a stay home sale from 18 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. It is a 20% storewide sale with free delivery with no minimum spending.

      3. Eating Healthier

      Eating Healthier

      Takeaways or food delivery sure is convenient, but having it for every meal is not ideal. However, if you cannot set aside time to cook during your lunch hour, you can instead dabao or order food with the Healthier Choice symbol. You can also try meal prepping during the weekends so that weekdays lunch are easier to manage. Make it into a family activity by having your family members help out with chopping the ingredients using easy to use kitchen tools.

      Cooking your own meal is also much healthier as it allows you to use fresh ingredients and you will be able to monitor what you are consuming more closely. Not to mention the amount of money you can save, especially if you have a big family.

      4. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

      Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

      Mental health is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. With social distancing measures in place, use applications like Zoom, Skype, Discord or Houseparty to connect, keep in touch and play games with your close ones. Staying connected to your close ones and having a supportive community to turn to during hard times will help in easing your worries. You may even unknowingly help a friend in need by lending them a listening ear.

      If you are facing challenges and need someone to talk to, please seek help through:

      Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): 1800 221 4444



      Stay home and stay safe, everyone. Together, we can get through this pandemic and get back to normalcy!



      cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.


      What Does The Second Covid-19 Wave Mean For Office Hygiene?

      What Does The Second Covid-19 Wave Mean For Office Hygiene?

      The recent wave of Covid-19 cases has seen the partial reintroduction of working from home. While lesser travelling results in a smaller likelihood of getting infected, we shouldn’t be complacent in maintaining office hygiene and cleanliness. Besides, you never know if that nosy co-worker is touching all of your stuff when you are away! We have broken down some basic must-dos and know-hows of ensuring your work area is spotless as ever (with an easy to follow guide at the very end).


      1. Cleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfecting


      Is cleanliness really next to Godliness if you do not know how to get rid of germs properly? Here is a simple explanation on the differences between cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting:


      - Cleaning: Removes soil/dirt from a surface but does not kill any organisms.

      - Sanitising: Reduces the number of bacteria in the environment significantly.

      - Disinfecting: Destroys or irreversibly inactivates bacteria and viruses.


      Most readily consumable products have sanitising agents (such as hand sanitisers) but are often less corrosive than disinfectants (such as concentrated bleach). Unless you hire professional services, the best and most convenient thing we can do is cleaning and sanitising.

      To check if your cleaning product has the right chemicals to combat Covid-19, check this link from the National Environment Agency.


      2. Get Sorted 


      Set yourself up for success by keeping everything compartmentalised in the first place. Keep your stationary all neatly in a container and file all paperwork properly. Not only will this make the cleaning process easier, it will also result in a much organised work station. Additionally, the overall cleaning process will be safer for liquid sensitive items such as desk electronics. 


      3. High-touch Areas

      High Touch

      The average person touches their face 16 to 23 times; not in a day, but for every hour! The workplace environment is abundant with germ infested high-touch areas. Before you start to clean and sanitise, take note of the following:

      - Keyboard and mouse

      - Office phone

      - Office chair (especially the armrest)

      - Stationery (especially shared stationary)

      - Door knobs 

      Washing your hands before and after constant use with these high-touch areas will go a long way. We don’t expect you to wash your hand after every single use of your mouse! Read on for a simple cleaning guide below.


      4. Pantry Hygiene


      Shared mugs and the common sponge are riddled with germs and bacteria. What you should do is let the microwave run by itself for about 50 seconds on high to kill any organisms in it first. For your mugs, you should wash it before microwaving on high for about 50 seconds. As for sponges, saturate it completely with water and microwave on high for a minute. Sponges should be replaced at least every 3-4 weeks.


      5. Simple Daily Steps

      Regardless of how you start your work day, you should practice below in order of the list.


      1. Clear any loose rubbish into your bin

      2. Thoroughly wash hands before touching anything else

      3. Ensure desk stationary are in the right place

      4. Wipe down the table top and armrests

      5. Clean your keyboard, mouse, and office phone (if any)


      Repeat these steps in the morning, after lunch, and before you leave. Use whichever sanitising solution that you prefer and make sure you use the right cloth for wiping down surfaces. Making this a habit will ensure a much more hygienic office space for you and everybody else. 

      The responsibility for good hygiene practices falls upon each and every one of us. Whether your office hires cleaners and professional disinfecting services or not, everyone has a part to play.



      cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Adulting Series: Home Renting Essentials

      Adulting Series: Home Renting Essentials

      If you are planning to or had just recently moved out, congratulations! Planning the move is not easy and takes a lot of courage. On the bright side, you are about to embark on a new and exciting journey. For this week's adulting series, we will share with you some essentials that you will need as a first-time renter!

      1. Ironing Needs

      Ironing Needs

      Staying in a rental, the landlord may not provide ironing tools such as an iron and ironing board. To keep your safe haven organised, make sure to purchase household items that are compact and portable. Ironing wise, look for an ironing board that can be stored easily to maximise the limited space. Purchasing household tools may sound intimidating, but it will be worth the investment. Besides, who doesn't like looking crisp and dapper.

      To get the basics of ironing down, read this article!


      2. Tidy Laundry Corner

      Tidy Laundry Corner

      Installing a ceiling laundry rack or using the landlord’s laundry rack may not be possible. Laying your washed clothes all over the room is also not ideal as it will cause a mess. Thus, find a lightweight, compact and portable laundry rack that you can easily store into the cupboard or at the side of the room. 


      3. Spick And Span Windows

      Spick And Span Windows

      Being cooped up in the room all day long is the dream for homebodies, but looking out of a dirty window to enjoy the view does not sound appealing. For a safer and simpler way to clean your windows, consider investing in window cleaners or up your game with window vacuumsIt is dangerous to reach out for the outer window surface so please exercise proper safety procedures.


      4. Neat And Clean Kitchen

      Neat And Clean Kitchen

      With most units only allowing light cooking, this point may resonate more with those who are renting an entire place for themselves or house-sharing with friends.

      Hygiene is paramount in communal spaces (especially in kitchens where food is prepared). However, did you know that kitchens are the dirtiest areas in the average household? To keep the kitchen neat and tidy, ensure that you have essential organising tools such as storage containers, sponge holders and wall-mounts.


      From cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Show Your Mum Some Love This Mother's Day With These Activities!

      Show Your Mum Some Love This Mother's Day With These Activities!

      Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don't worry if you have nothing planned, we've got your back! Here are five different activities to give you ideas on what to do this May 9th. 

      1. Museum Trips

      Museum Trips

      Source: Alex Lim on Unsplash

      Museum trips are a classic bonding activity. Take a relaxing and chill stroll around the compound while enjoying the exhibitions and soaking in the atmosphere. Remember to take photos together at the different exhibitions as a keepsake. Share the photos online to let others know how your day went!

      Museums and exhibitions that you can visit are the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore International Festival of Arts.


      2. Picnic


      Picnics make for great outings! Go to places such as Henderson Waves and Marina Barrage to have a day out in the sun. You can pack sandwiches or sushi/kimbab from home or even get a cake!

      To stay hydrated, remember to bring drinks such as water or tea. If you would like to keep your drinks cold for several hours, use a thermal flask. You can use the lid as a cup, making drinking convenient!


      3. Staycation


      With borders still closed, spending the time at a hotel for a staycation is a great alternative. If you have not used up your SingapoRediscovers vouchers, take this Mother’s Day weekend to spend it!

      You can watch shows together from your favourite streaming service while snacking on popcorn and chips and lying down on the hotel bed. If not, get your sunscreens ready to do some sun tanning on the poolside! 


      4. Doing Their Passion Together

      Doing Their Passion Together

      As we go about our own busy lives, we tend to forget to spend time with our family. On Mother’s Day, take the occasion to do activities that your mother or mother figure likes to do! You can bake together with them, paint portraits of each other or walk around your neighbourhood to take pictures of the local scene.

      You can get baking supplies from local supermarkets or RedMan and painting supplies from stores like Art Friend!


      5. A Special Day At Home

      A Special Day At Home

      A classic Mother’s Day celebration idea is to make them feel loved and comfortable while staying at home. Start off the morning by cooking their favourite breakfast. Let them rest for the day and clean up in their stead. Make sure that they are snug and cosy throughout the day.

      You can also create a self-care package for them. It can consist of facial masks, their favourite snacks, and even scented candles! 

      Although Mother’s Day only comes once a year, make sure to spend time with your mum or your maternal figures as much as possible on the daily. We wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!


      Psst, insider's tip: Leifheit is having a 20% storewide sale from the 1st to the 9th of May 2021! We are also holding a giveaway with $600 worth of vouchers at stake.