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      Leifheit Cleaning Guide

      Tips For A Clean And Bacteria Free Kitchen

      Tips For A Clean And Bacteria Free Kitchen

      Surprisingly, kitchens and not bathrooms are the dirtiest part of the house. With consumables prepped and cooked in the space, the kitchen should always be spick and span. In this article, we will list down several things you should take note of to ensure that your kitchen stays sanitary.

      1. Avoid Washing Raw Meat

      1. Avoid Washing Raw Meat

      You should not wash or rinse poultry, beef, pork, lamb or any other raw meat. You may think that washing the raw meat will rinse germs off the meat, clean it, and make it safer for consumption. However, rinsing meat or poultry will cause a higher chance of cross-contamination and food-borne illnesses. The washed off bacteria will contaminate the sink and the countertop through the water droplets. Making your kitchen dirty, although not visibly.

      Rather than rinsing or washing the meat and poultry, it is better to pat them dry using a kitchen towel.

      2. Different Cutting Boards For Different Uses

      2. Different Cutting Boards For Different Uses

      After cutting raw meat or poultry, ensure that you are not using the same cutting board to cut other food products. Having different cutting boards will help prevent cross-contamination as raw meat juices should not be mixed with cooked or ready-to-eat food such as fruits, salads or bread. It would be best to have at least 2 different cutting boards, one for meat and poultry and another for fresh produce. Purchase colour coded cutting boards to remember each cutting boards’ usage easily.

      Keep in mind to change your cutting board when it has scratches, and deep cracks as bacteria that live there will not be washed away even if you scrub the cutting board.

      3. Organise Your Refrigerator

      3. Organise Your Refrigerator

      Almost every kitchen has a refrigerator. With it being a place where most of our food are stored, refrigerators should be kept clean. To organise your refrigerator, divide the compartments into cooked food, dairy, and raw meat and poultry.

      Cooked food should be placed in the top most shelf, dairy in the shelf below it, and raw meat and poultry at the most bottom shelf. It is best to put a tray under the raw meats and poultry to prevent leaking raw juices. Vegetables and fruits should be placed inside the drawer.

      4. Change Your Sponge Regularly

      4. Change Your Sponge Regularly

      Kitchen sponges are the ideal breeding place for bacteria. With the sponge cleaning grime and never really drying properly, bacteria is bound to be found in them. Although there are ways to clean the sponges, such as by microwaving  or boiling it, the methods are not effective in killing the bacteria completely and will not eliminate 100% of the bacteria in the sponge. It would be best and safer to change your kitchen sponge every week.

      If you find the tips useful, share the article with your family and friends!


      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Adulting Series: When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Windows?

      Adulting Series: When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Windows?

      Aside from having a clear view of the scenery and basking under the warm and bright sunlight comfortably, there are other reasons why you should clean your windows. Read on to find out why! We will also let you know about the different window cleaning tools and some things to note when cleaning windows.

      1. Why Should You Clean Your Windows

      1. Why Should You Clean Your Windows
      • Natural Light

      With work from home becoming a norm, being cooped up in the house all day long may get suffocating. To decrease the feeling of suffocation, keep your windows clean so that the dirt will not block the sunlight from streaming into the room. Exposure to sunlight will cause the brain to release a higher amount of serotonin, a hormone which is related to keeping a person focused and boosting their mood. Thus, with a bright room full of natural light, you will feel a rise in your mood, and possibly your productivity too.

      • Dirt, Dust and Grime

      Accumulated dirt, grime, and dust on windows may also cause moulds to form due to rain and condensation and gather dust mites. Both of which may cause allergic reactions. To decrease condensation, you can open the windows for a few minutes to ventilate the room and circulate the air. Good ventilation will also decrease the risk of exposure to viruses as ventilating prevents virus aerosols from gathering.

      2. How To Clean Your Windows

      2. How To Clean Your Windows
    • Newspaper
    • Newspapers are a classic window cleaning tool. With their high level of absorbancy, newspapers will leave your windows squeaky clean. However, there is a chance of the ink bleeding and getting onto your hands—leaving you with stained hands for days. Make sure to wear gloves if you want to clean the windows with newspaper.

    • Microfibre Cloth
    • Microfibre cloths are soft and absorbent. It is perfect for window cleaning as it will not leave marks and streaks. However, wiping down hard-to-reach areas such as window corners and tall windows will be difficult and maybe, even dangerous. 

    • Squeegee
    • The squeegee is a commonly used window cleaning tool. Cleaning detergents are sprayed on the surface, and a squeegee is used to remove the cleaning fluid. With a suitable cleaning detergent and squeegee, you are left with a streak-free window. A downside to using a squeegee, however, is the cleaning detergent’s dripping mess.

      Alternatively, you can purchase window vacuums that function like a squeegee sans the dripping mess. With their automatic suction function, the vacuum sucks the cleaning detergent into their water tank. Then, all you have to do is pour out the dirty water stored in the tank into the sink.

      3. Things To Take Note Of When Cleaning Windows

      3. Things To Take Note Of When Cleaning Windows

      Source: Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

      • Clean your windows when the weather is downcast and cloudy outside. Sunlight will cause the cleaning solution to dry up and leave streaks on the windows. 
      • Clean the window frames and window grills too. Use a vacuum, a brush or a damp cloth to clear the dust and cobwebs that have gathered. 
      • Be careful when you are cleaning external windows. Cleaning external windows is a dangerous task. Either use a magnetic window cleaner or have professional window cleaners clean for you.

      Share this article with your friends and family to let them know more about window cleaning! 


      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Which Mop Fits Your Needs?

      Which Mop Fits Your Needs?

      When mops are mentioned, what may come to mind is a piece of cloth, a rag or a manual mop. However, with technological advances, several different types of zhnged up mops are available, and we are here to give a brief run-through of their selling points. If you are about to purchase a new mop but are unsure which to get, this article is for you. 

      1. Steam Mops

      Steam Mop

      Steam mops kill 99.9% of germs on the floor using heat and without any chemicals. The mop is perfect for households with pets or children, as the floor surfaces are chemical-free, making it safe for those who frequently sit on the floor. Depending on the brand, the steam mop may have an adjustable steam output function. This function allows the steam mop to be adjusted to different temperatures and clean different floor surfaces.

      Note that surfaces such as unsealed floors cannot use steam mops. For tough stains such as grease or ink, you will need to crank up the heat to remove them. It is, therefore, best to purchase a steam mop that has an adjustable steam output function. To find out more about steam mops, you can check out this article. 

      P.S. Leifheit’s steam mop comes with a carpet glider; professional carpet cleaning just got a lot easier.


      2. Spin Mops

      Spin Mop

      Spin mops have a similar look to standard classic mops; however, their additional functions ease the mopping process. It is much cleaner and easier to clean the mop head as you do not have to bend over and touch the mop head to clean it. Simply put the mop head onto the spin bucket, and depending on the mop bucket model, pump or pedal to wring the mop and get rid of the accumulated dirt.

      3. Spray Mops

      Spray Mop

      Spray mops have a water tank attached to the mop, which can be easily refilled with water or cleaning solutions. Mopping is more convenient using a spray mop as you do not have to head back or bring around a bucket constantly. With their compact design, spray mops are perfect for quick and in-between cleaning. 

      4. Press Mops

      Press Mops

      Press mops can be said to be a combination of spin and rectangular mops. With its rectangular shape, it can easily clean hard to reach corners with precision. However, unlike regular rectangular shaped mops, press mops do not require the user to bend down and touch the mop head to wring and clean it. 

      If you use Leifheit’s press mop, you can simply use your foot to detach the mop cloth and have it cleaned.

      Head on over to cart out once you have decided on a mop. Leifheit is holding a 20% storewide discount until 13 June 2021!


      Share the article with your friends and family to increase their mop knowledge!


      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      5 Ways To Keep Your Carpet As Good As New

      Living Room with Carpet

      Carpets are an amazing centre piece for any household. However, a lot of germs, dirt, and bacteria are being collected in carpets. That being said, we should not forget about them while spring cleaning, especially if you have kids around the house. 

      Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain and keep your carpet clean. 


      1. Vacuum Your Carpet Weekly

      Steam Mop on Carpet

      Regular vacuum cleaners can be used for your carpet. However, vacuum cleaners may damage the carpet’s fibre due to the roller brush. You can prevent this by choosing the right setting and height. 

      Using a steam mop is an effective method for carpet cleaning as compared to conventional carpet cleaning. Hot steam removes marks without causing damage to the carpet. Additionally, some of them come along with carpet gliders to move swiftly without obstructions, which are optimal for regular carpet cleaning. This is the perfect method to maintain the beauty of the carpet, sanitise and remove dirt residing in it.


      2. Do Not Expose Carpet To Sun 

      Carpet Sun

      To prevent discolouration and damage to the fibre, try not to expose your carpet to the sun. Draw your curtains in the day to prevent direct exposure to the hot afternoon sun. Additionally, place your carpet under the fan instead of sunning it.


      3. Remove Stains Immediately

      Carpet Stain

      Scrubbing your carpet will damage the fibres and create fuzzy areas. Instead, blot the affected area with warm water. Remember to blot the stain from the outer corner inwards to avoid spreading the stain. Use a damp white towel and repeat until the stain is being removed. If you are patient enough, it should be easily removed. 


      4. Remove Footwear

      Footwear Carpet

      Thankfully, most of us remove our footwear before entering a house. Not only will this habit keep dirt away from your carpet, it will also prevent odd patterns from forming. Constant stress on the carpet from hard surfaces (such as shoes) will cause dents to form on the carpet.

      A good alternative would be house slippers. They have softer soles that will be gentler to your carpets.


      5. Routine Deep Cleaning

      Routine Deep Cleaning

      Once or twice a year, you should also schedule your carpet for a routine professional deep cleaning session. Cleaning the carpet at home only washes the surface. Professionally cleaning the carpet will ensure that even the most persistent germs will be removed. 


      If you’re looking for cleaning tools to help you deep clean your carpet more effectively, check out our collection of cleaning appliances!

      These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

      These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

      Have you ever wondered why are your windows still dirty even after wiping them? Or why is it that the stone-counter top on your newly renovated kitchen has so many scratches? Below are some cleaning habits you may unknowingly have, that had caused you such problems.

      1. Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

      Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

      An issue that many people have is the smudges and streaks on their windows. It is advisable to not clean your windows when the sunlight is out and strong. Cleaning under direct sunlight will cause the windows to still have streaks even after 30 minutes of vigorous wiping. The reason being that the sunlight will dry up the cleaning liquid quickly, turning it into stubborn streaks that are difficult to remove.

      It would be best to clean your windows on a cloudy day or when the sun has gone down. Alternatively, you can use a window vacuum to wipe your windows clean at any time of the day.


      2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

      Using the wrong cleaning supplies

      Using the wrong cleaning supplies may cause damage to the item. Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners as well as hacks that are not attested by professionals. If you have any furniture or surface made out of natural stone, using a microfibre cloth and soap specialised to clean stone surfaces will be ideal.


      3. Waiting for Chores to Pile Up

      Waiting for chores to pile up

      Reaching home after a hard day at work, all you want to do is lie down and rest. But having a habit of pushing back chores is not good! Stacks of dirty dishes and dirty laundry lying around may cause pests to gather.

      Just a fun fact, cockroaches can live for a few weeks without its head, it only dies because it has no mouth to drink water from. 

      So although you are tired, make sure that your home is clean before you go to bed and your daily chores are completed. The cockroach and its big family are unwelcome guests after all.


      4. Using Dirty Cleaning Supplies

      Using dirty cleaning supplies

      Cleaning your home with dirty cleaning supplies will only cause your home to get dirty. Dirty mops and brooms will only spread the grime all over your house. We have done an article on how to take care of your cleaning supplies here. Go give it a read to ensure that you are cleaning effectively!


      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.