5 Things You Can Still Do While Staying Home More

5 Things You Can Still Do While Staying Home More

I’m sure we have already all heard the news from our Prime Minister regarding the government’s new “circuit breaker” measures to curb the spread of locally transmitted cases of COVID-19.

Many are, no doubt understandably saddened, while some might welcome it with open us as it means more opportunity to stay home.

But no matter what you might be feeling, we all know that it’s going to be a tough time for sure.

Not being able to go out and do the things we like, be in physical contact with our friends and loved ones, and having to make changes to our daily routines is going to dampen our spirits.

But times like these are when we can build mental resilience, shape our adaptability to dealing with tough circumstances, and to do the things that we’ve been meaning to do at home but haven’t found the time to do so.

Here are 5 things that you can do around the home for a more productive stay-home period, as well as to lift up your mood during this challenging times.

1) Wipe Down Your Windows Thoroughly

Our home windows are an often neglected part of our home. We see it, see through it, but we often don’t realise what’s on it.

Now that you’re staying home more, do take a closer look at your windows.

You might notice straightaway that there’s a lot of dirt, watermarks and even mold that has been accumulating on your windows for weeks, or even months.

This particles diminish the air quality in your home and make the air in your house stagnant. Long-term exposure to such particles can even lead to issues with your lungs and other medical issues in the future.

Do take this opportunity to give your windows a good cleaning and wiping down for a better stay-home experience!

2) Clean Your Toilets

We use our home toilets so often that sometimes we don’t realise how much grime and stains it has been accumulating.

After all, it’s the place where we scrub dirt and grime off our bodies. The warm moisture in your bathroom also makes it the perfect place for germ growth.

With more stay-home time on your hands, it’s the perfect time to give your whole toilet a good scrub down. Focus on areas such as the drains, faucets, toilet seats & bowls, toilet floors and your shower divider.

Not only does cleaning your toilets give you a cleaner home, it’s sure to lift the mood in your home during this period of extended social distancing as well.

3) Dust Off Hard-To-Reach Spots

Now that you’ve more time at home, it’s time to find those out-of-sight and hard-to-reach spots that you wouldn’t have noticed when you were hustling about your normal routine.

Areas such as your ceiling lights and fans, cabinet tops, underneath your furniture, are silently collecting dust and dirt while you have been out of home carrying out your day-to-day routines.

It goes without saying that the accumulated dust will trigger dust allergies and sinus, especially if you’re going to be staying at home more often.

So, take the effort and get your cleaning equipment out to dust off these areas and make your stay-home experience a more pleasant one.

4) Pick Up A New Culinary Skill

Now that you’ve got more spare time from being at home more often, why not pick a new skill?

And what better skill to pick up in the comfort of your own home than a new culinary skill!

With recipes, instructional videos and communities available online, picking up a new culinary skill is a perfect stay-in activity to do.

With supermarkets, wet markets, and grocery delivery services still open and running, you’d have the ingredients you need to support your new hobby.

Plus, if you need any specialised kitchen utensils, we’ve got them available here ready to deliver to your doorstep.

5) Spend More Time With Your Family

Last but definitely not least — with more time at home, it’s the perfect time to spend more time with your family.

From simply sitting together at the same table for meals, to doing elaborate stay home activities such as watching movies together or even playing Animal Crossing together, the time spent together with your family would strengthen your bonds with one another.

Not only would it give you something to fill your time with, but with each other’s love, support and bond, you’d find the strength to go through this period together as a family.

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Practising social responsibility is crucial in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Do stay home as often as you can, practise personal hygiene such as washing your hands for at least 20-seconds, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and do not touch your face before cleaning your hands.

Take care & stay safe everybody!

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