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5 Ways To Keep Your Carpet As Good As New

Carpets are an amazing centre piece for any household. However, a lot of germs, dirt, and bacteria are being collected in carpets. That being said, we should not forget about them while spring cleaning, especially if you have kids around the house. 

Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain and keep your carpet clean. 


1. Vacuum Your Carpet Weekly

Steam Mop on Carpet

Regular vacuum cleaners can be used for your carpet. However, vacuum cleaners may damage the carpet’s fibre due to the roller brush. You can prevent this by choosing the right setting and height. 

Using a steam mop is an effective method for carpet cleaning as compared to conventional carpet cleaning. Hot steam removes marks without causing damage to the carpet. Additionally, some of them come along with carpet gliders to move swiftly without obstructions, which are optimal for regular carpet cleaning. This is the perfect method to maintain the beauty of the carpet, sanitise and remove dirt residing in it.


2. Do Not Expose Carpet To Sun 

Carpet Sun

To prevent discolouration and damage to the fibre, try not to expose your carpet to the sun. Draw your curtains in the day to prevent direct exposure to the hot afternoon sun. Additionally, place your carpet under the fan instead of sunning it.


3. Remove Stains Immediately

Carpet Stain

Scrubbing your carpet will damage the fibres and create fuzzy areas. Instead, blot the affected area with warm water. Remember to blot the stain from the outer corner inwards to avoid spreading the stain. Use a damp white towel and repeat until the stain is being removed. If you are patient enough, it should be easily removed. 


4. Remove Footwear

Footwear Carpet

Thankfully, most of us remove our footwear before entering a house. Not only will this habit keep dirt away from your carpet, it will also prevent odd patterns from forming. Constant stress on the carpet from hard surfaces (such as shoes) will cause dents to form on the carpet.

A good alternative would be house slippers. They have softer soles that will be gentler to your carpets.


5. Routine Deep Cleaning

Routine Deep Cleaning

Once or twice a year, you should also schedule your carpet for a routine professional deep cleaning session. Cleaning the carpet at home only washes the surface. Professionally cleaning the carpet will ensure that even the most persistent germs will be removed. 


If you’re looking for cleaning tools to help you deep clean your carpet more effectively, check out our collection of cleaning appliances!

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