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5 Ways To Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Cleaning and fun definitely do not come together. However, it is a necessity to keep things together around the house. Instead of dreading the process, you can now find different ways to enjoy it and make things fun around the house. 

We have explored and compiled a few ways for you to have a good time while spring cleaning! 


1. Plan A Schedule

To-do Schedule

Don’t take on too many tasks and make yourself stressed out. Instead, plan out a schedule and chore list, and start gathering your supplies. Set realistic goals and an effective plan - for example, rather than having 5 people cleaning up the kitchen, have 2 people clean somewhere else. Set the dates, gather the people living in the house and have fun cleaning together! 


2. Put On Upbeat Music And Set A Timer 

Dancing While Cleaning

Cleaning is a tough activity but you can lighten the mood by playing some music! Studies have shown that music can boost your mood and reduce stress. Just relax, switch on the music and have your own little dance party while cleaning. Here are some cleaning playlist recommendations on Spotify - Cleaning Kit, Cleaning Motivation and Get Chores Done

In addition, set a timer or clock to track your progress and keep yourself motivated. Allocate a goal time for each cleaning task and reward yourself once you hit the timing or finish earlier!


3. Cleaning Games

Pile of Clothes

Switch up your sessions with fun cleaning games! You can make little bets throughout your spring cleaning day to hype things up. Some examples could be: pairing mismatched socks, sorting out expiry dates for dry ingredients or speed-folding clothes. This will make things fun and create some laughter around the house, while working hard. 


4. Upcycle Old Rubbish

Upcycle Trash

Instead of thrashing your old junk, find clever ways to repurpose and recycle them. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and the internet - such as stitching together old cloth to make a pillow, spray painting plastic containers to make beautiful planters and transforming cereal boxes into drawer organisers. Instead of just thrashing them, find cool and innovative ways to be creative! 


5. Host A Small Party After Cleaning


After a day of cleaning, host a party to celebrate your small wins! Be it a good dinner, ice cream or dessert treats, the rewards are just enough for you to commemorate a whole day of hard work. If there are kids cleaning with you, this will be a brilliant way to motivate them and they will definitely be excited for the next spring cleaning session! 



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