You Can't Do Spring Cleaning Without These 8 Cleaning Tools!

You Can't Do Spring Cleaning Without These 8 Cleaning Tools!

Spring is upon us! Chinese New Year 2020 falls on 25 January — a date earlier than usual.

Do start planning your spring cleaning schedule early to get your house sparkling clean in time for your relatives & guests this CNY!

Equip yourself with these 8 essential cleaning appliances for the spring cleaning battle:


Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop Set

A mop set comprises of a mop wiper and a mop bucket.

While practically any pail & mop can do the job, a good quality mop set cleans your floors more efficiently & with lesser effort.

For example, spin mop sets, which are becoming increasingly popular, feature a mechanism whereby the mop is wrung by twisting the mop stick into a specially designed wringer.

This makes wringing less tiring, as you don’t have to bend your back & subject your tired hands to squeezing detergent-filled water!


vacuum cleaner

Before you begin mopping your floors, it is crucial to vacuum the floor first to get rid of any dirt, dust or loose particles.

While vacuum cleaners come in many shapes, sizes and feature different technologies, it is important to find one that suits your needs and house confines.

For more information on the different types of vacuum cleaners, here’s a buying guide to help you pick one suited for you.


Microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths are all the rage these days — and rightly so. These cloths are miracle workers!

The microscopic fibres in these cloths attach themselves to dirt, trapping them within their fibres and ensuring that the surface is bacteria-free.

A good microfibre cloth should leave the surface with a good polish-like feel that feels smooth on the skin. That’s when you know that all the dirt has been removed from the surface!

Microfibre cloths comes in a variety of shapes and forms, each with their own unique features to clean specific areas of your home effectively. We highly recommend the E-Cloth, which claims that it just needs water to clean — a claim that we ourselves can’t refute.


Leifheit Duster

You might not notice it, but there are layers of dust accumulating in areas of your home that your eyes don’t see.

Be it on the top of your cupboards or the back of your television closet, the accumulated dust might trigger dust allergies and sinus from your guests.

Hence, it is important to have a high quality duster to dust the hidden and hard-to-reach spots thoroughly.


Bathroom Cleaner

Even though this is where we clean ourselves daily, the bathroom is definitely not the cleanest of rooms in your home.

There’s grime, dirt and bacteria stuck in between your bathroom tiles, and watermarks stuck on your bathroom mirrors & glass partitions.

Get rid of any unsanitary stains & unpleasant odours before your guests arrive — be sure to take care of the bathroom floor, walls, and any glass surfaces.


Window Wiper

Washing your windows is a tedious chore to do, and hence we don’t do it on a regular basis.

But with the spring cleaning season coming up, what better time to do it then now!

When selecting your cleaning tool of choice, we recommend choosing wipers with microfibre cloth attachments. These clean off any dirt and watermarks from your window surface easily!


Leifheit Detergent

While it is important to have all the tools needed to clean your house, it’s also important to have the right cleaning solutions to use with these tools. 

Do check that you have sufficient detergent left before you embark on your spring cleaning campaign!

Nothing is more frustrating than being all hyped up and ready to start on your cleaning chores, only to realise that you’ve run out of the very thing you need.


Leifheit Pegasus Laundry Rack Dryer

Make your home extra cozy this CNY by washing all your cushion covers, pillow cases and bedsheets before your guests arrive!

To support your laundry washing and drying needs, you’ll need a good quality laundry drying rack that is both sturdy, offers extensive drying space, and space-efficient.


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