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Adulting Series: Fast And Simple Ways To Clean Your Home

Being an adult is tough - juggling between a career and social life, while maintaining a clean home? Not easy. But, at the end of every busy day, you will always want to go back to a cosy and comfortable place. How is that done? You know the answer. 

Yes, cleaning! It will definitely not be your favourite to-do or weekend task, but if you keep to a schedule and make it a habit, you can have complete control over your home. 

Here are some quick and easy how-to cleaning tips that will help you win at adulting and relieve some unnecessary cleaning stress that you are facing:


1. Stick To A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

To maintain and keep things in an orderly fashion at home, you can draft out a cleaning schedule or routine so dirt will not pile up. To start off, you can schedule days for big cleaning items such as vacuuming or mopping the whole house, or bi-weekly sessions for window wipe down. This will ensure that you will not miss out on them! However, do remember to set realistic goals so it can be achievable and used for a long run. 

Keeping a cleaning schedule will work especially well when you are sharing an apartment with roommates. Create a list of chores and you can split the load within the group. 


2. Cleaning On The Go


Instead of leaving things around, make it a habit to clean on the go. This would be simple chores like making your bed, arranging the pillows on your couch and folding your laundry just when it comes out of the dryer. A little cleaning goes a long way - at the end of the day, you will notice a significantly neater home.  


3. Cleaning Equipments

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning will definitely not be your favourite weekend activity. However, a good set of cleaning equipment will make your life much easier. A reliable vacuum cleaner will make it effortless and easy to keep your floors clean, and an automatic spin mop set will save the additional strength needed to squeeze the mop dry. 

Your cleaning supplies should be kept in a central location, making it easy to grab what you need.


4. Clean Mirrors and Glass

Clean Mirror and Glass

Many interior designers claim that mirrors and glass doors complete the appearance of a house. As much as the style best fits our aesthetic eyes, we should also agree that they are the hardest item around to clean. Unfortunately, mirrors and glass are best known for collecting fingerprints and stains are really just not in our control. 

To easily clean fingerprints and stains off your mirrors, use one wet and dry microfibre cloth that will not leave streaks. If you see streaks on TV and monitor screens, it can be easily removed using window cleaners.


5. Make Sure Everything Has A Home 

Organised Drawer

Instead of leaving things lying around, ensure that all your items belong somewhere or “have a home”. Clear your countertops and tables from stray mails and loose items, like pegs or keys. This way, not only will it be easier for you to clean up, it will also look like you have a bigger space and are visually appealing.  

If you find it hard for you to store loose items without losing them in your cabinets, here’s a quick hack: Use ice trays to sort them in 6 or 8 little compartments! 

From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit got all you need to make life at home easier. 

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