Air Purifiers — Luxury or Necessity For Singapore Households?

Air Purifiers — Luxury or Necessity For Singapore Households?

Just like food and water, the air we breath is essential to our survival.

Singaporeans take pride in the food & drinks we consume, bur how often do we think about the air we breathe? What we breathe in is just as important, if not more important, as the food & drinks we put into our body.

In Singapore today, there are undoubtedly more pollutants in the air now as compared to decades ago due to an increase in economic activity, vehicles on the roads, population size, and the seasonal haze.

Even though we put emphasis on being a clean & green society, Singapore is still subject to air pollution, falling short of its target air quality levels as recent as of 2020.

So how exactly does an air purifier work? An air purifier consists of multiple types of filters and a fan that sucks in the air that is purified and then circulated.

As the unclean air is sucked in and passed through the filter, the unwanted pollutants and particles are captured, and the clean air is then pushed out into the indoor space.

There is more than meets the eye with the air we breath at home. Some particles, such as dust, pet fur and mould, are visible to us.

But there are a lot more harmful minute particles that we cannot see with the naked eye, such as bacteria, germs, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and pollen, that we unknowingly breathe in and are harmful to our respiratory system.

These particles can affect our health adversely, especially for people with respiratory conditions, as they might worsen asthma or lung conditions such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Even if you do not suffer from these conditions, these particles could trigger allergies and sinuses, and also degrade your respiratory system over time.

As such, air purifiers are the modern solution to deal with indoor air pollution. Here are a few reasons why you should have an air purifier at home:


1. Prevent Allergies

Those who are prone to allergies would know that they are triggered by even the slightest exposure to dust, pollen or other impurities in the air.

Allergic reactions can also be triggered by airborne chemicals from cleaning product, flooring and furniture as well. Just the slightest trigger of an allergy can potentially ruin your entire day!

Hence, an air purifier protects you from the constant barrage of allergies at home, and ensures that your home is truly a safe haven to relax and unwind.


2. Manage Asthma & Other Respiratory Conditions

Asthma and other respiratory conditions tend to be aggravated by minute particles and microbes in the air.

These have the potential trigger asthma attacks and lead to further complications, making installing air purifiers essential for those living with asthmatic conditions.

This is because an air purifier, especially ones that contain an activated carbon filter, removes these harmful particles from the air, thus allowing those who suffer from asthmatic related complications to manage their conditions better. 


3. Reduce Exposure To Smoke, Traffic & Industrial Emissions, and Haze

Credits: Elena Leong via Flickr

Exposure to emissions from secondhand cigarette smoke, heavy traffic, industrial buildings and haze can lead to sore throat, cough, and throat infection in the short term, as they contain particles irritate the lungs and nasal passageways.

Prolonged exposure could even lead to diseases ranging from bronchitis to tumours.

It’s impossible for us to control the amount of air pollution that is present outdoors in Singapore, but you can take charge at making the air at home optimal, safe and comfortable for you and your loved ones with an air purifier.


4. To Get Rid of Bad Smelling Odours

Bad smelling odours at home can come from a variety of sources, ranging from stale bedsheets, mildew in your bathroom, cooking in your kitchen, or even from your neighbour’s house or the neighbourhood.

There’s not much you can do about your neighbours, but an air purifier in your home will be able to filter the air in your home and get rid of nauseating odours, allowing you to maximise your comfort level at home.


5. To Prevent Pet Allergies

If you own pets at home, then you should be familiar fur shedding, dander, and even dead skin cells — all of which could potentially trigger allergic reactions.

While you may not be allergic to certain pets, it does not mean that their shedding won’t cause any problems.

These particles could slowly build up within the lungs of family members of households with pets, which might develop into major issues later on.

With an air purifier at home, you’ll be able to filter out these harmful particles to ensure your family’s long-term safety, while enjoying the companionship of your beloved pets.


Luxury or Necessity? 

While an air purifier will not magically cure your respiratory illnesses, it will definitely create a cleaner and healthier environment at home with clean air to breathe and live with.

If that is a priority for you, then an air purifier shouldn’t be viewed as just a luxury item. It is necessary to have one not just in times of the seasonal haze in Singapore, but to improve your everyday health and mood as well.

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