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      Leifheit Cleaning Guide — Spring Cleaning

      10 Cleaning Task You Can Tackle In 5 Minutes


      The power of 5 minutes is real. If you are already spending time to give this article a read, it shows that you are ready to make a difference to your home! Indeed, you can get a significant amount of household chores done in 5 minutes that will make a big difference.  

      We have collated a total of 10 different speed cleaning tasks that you can complete within 5 minutes.


      a) Kitchen 

      • Wipe down the kitchen counter and backsplash: Yes, the water that you leave behind at the kitchen counter will evaporate. However, it will also stain the counter. For 5 minutes or less, wipe down the kitchen counter and you will have a shiny one in no time! 

      • Empty all garbage and replace the bags: If this is not a daily task for you … it is time to take out the trash! Keep to a daily routine or schedule so the bad smell doesn't linger. 

      • Give your sink a spa: Before your sink starts to clog up or emit a weird scent, give your sink a little love with a spa day. You can do so by placing a chunk of citrus peel and turn on the water or use baking soda to reach the pipes. 

      • Wipe down hobs and hoods: Whipping up more meals during this work from home period? If you have not been maintaining it after each use, take this 5 minutes to clean the grease and oil stains off your hob and hood. If you scrub it hard enough, it will look as good as new! 


      b) Bedroom

      • Make your bed: Give your sheets a fluff and a pull and you will achieve that perfect bed that you see in hotel rooms. 

      • Separate your laundry: Use this time to sort and separate your laundry into different piles. (You will thank us when laundry day arrives)

      • Take out the trash: If you have a trash can in your room, take some time to dispose it’s content. And if you do not have a trash can around, use 5 minutes to pick up the stray tissue paper lying around, cotton wool or contact lens cases.


      c) Living Room

      Living Room
      • Wipe your gadgets: That remote that you have been using with the greasy fingers you use to eat your chips? Time for you to clean it! Give your gadgets a good wipe down and it will definitely feel cleaner than ever. 

      • Do a quick pick-up: As a common space for gatherings, the items will lose its designated spot easily. Place it back or trash items that do not belong in the living room. 


      d) Bathroom

      • Give the floor a rinse: A 5 minute floor scrub is good enough to remove all the stray strands of hair lying around or yellow stains. If you are feeling it, go ahead to give the walls a scrub down as well! 



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      Small Tasks That Make A Big Difference To Your Home

      Spring Cleaning Family

      With Singapore moving into phase 3 on 28 December 2020, you will be making plans with a bigger group of friends over the holiday season. And of course, instead of flocking to the crowded malls or an hour wait for your fancy meals, gatherings at the comfort of your own house always top the options. 

      Before you invite your guests over, we rounded up some of the best tricks for small tasks that will make a big difference to your home. If you are ready to go beyond the usual vacuum-and-mop routine, switch things up and you will see a sparkling clean and brand new looking home! 


      1. Arrange Your Furniture 

      Living Room

      A cheap, quick and easy way to give your home a makeover is by moving your furniture and changing your room layout. Shifting a few key pieces, such as your couch, television stand or dining table, is an uncontestable method to refresh the area. Position yourself at a corner of the room and test (imagine) your layout before getting down and dirty to move them! Start by moving big pieces, and the smaller ones will automatically follow suit. 

      Now that you are moving things around, you will also be able to clean those hard to reach areas, like under your couch. Once you shift an item, do remember to vacuum or clean before dust starts flying around! 


      2. Add Details 

      Photo Frame in Living Room

      “It’s all in the details” - This cannot be more true when it comes to adding character and personality to a room. More often than not, the details are what tells a story of the owners who live there or a conversation starter. Start by placing throw pillows on your empty couch, photo frames or art pieces on the walls. The options are endless so find options that will match your budget and room. 

      You can also show off your green fingers by placing a few potted indoor plants around your house. Not only will it add some life to your place, it will also purify and beautify the area! 


      3. Declutter

      Television Remote Control

      A magazine that no one touched? Missing remote you found after a year? Start decluttering! Thoroughly wipe down the area and put aside items that you do not use or have simply been left untouched for the longest period of time. Remember to search between tiny in-between spaces - such as under or between the couch, and you can thank us later when you start to find treasures. 


      4. Scent

      Essential Oil

      Surprisingly (or not), scent is one of the first things people notice about your home. Besides artificial room freshening sprays, there are other smart ways to get your house to smell good. Start by disposing your garbage from the trash bins and ventilate the house by opening all the windows. If that is not enough, put a few drops of essential oil into your air filter to freshen up the place.  


      5. Wipe Down Bathroom Mirrors And Surface

      Bathroom Sink

      After you are done washing your face and brushing your teeth the morning before the guest arrives, give your bathroom surface and mirrors a thorough wipe-down. It is the most likely place in the house other than the living area that your guests will need to visit, so make sure that the cleanliness is on point. Ensure that all toothpaste and soap stains are removed, and trash the rubbish lying around.


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      5 Tips For Doing A More Effective Spring Clean In Less Time

      5 Tips For Doing A More Effective Spring Clean In Less Time

      It's just less than a week more to Chinese New Year 2020! If you haven't done your spring cleaning, it's high time you started.

      Spring cleaning doesn't need to be excessively time consuming and energy sucking. Do it right and you should be done in a few hours!

      Here are 5 cleaning tips to help you achieve a more productive spring clean in a shorter amount of time.


      Now that it’s spring, it’s the time to put in more commitment into organising the clutter in your house.

      Start by throwing away unwanted items. Then, separate the items you want to keep into different categories, before allocating space for these categories & putting them away. 

      Doing this step systematically makes the process smoother & faster! Plus, your home will look much neater & become easier to clean with the clutter out of the way.

      A must-do first step for every spring cleaning!


      One of the most inefficient ways to spring clean is to clean one room after the other.

      If you’ve to dust, vacuum, & mop room after room, you’ll soon feel like you’re in a dreadful never-ending cleaning cycle, repeating the same task over & over again.

      Instead, focus on cleaning chore by chore. Declutter the entire house first, before dusting, vacuuming & then mopping the whole house with each chore.

      That way, you’ll feel more motivated & accomplished, as with each tick of the cleaning checklist, you'd have completed a much more significant portion of your spring cleaning!


      Spray Mop

      While there are many types of cleaning tools available in the market, it’s important to purchase those that can help you clean more with little effort.

      Getting tools that have such features that would not only save your back-breaking effort, but will help you accomplish more in less time.

      For example, on top of having to lug a heavy bucket of detergent-filled water, a traditional mop & bucket set requires you to dip & wring out the mop head into detergent water regularly.

      Having innovative mops such as a spray mop or steam mop cuts out all that work, and replaces that with just a squeeze of a handle!

      Getting the right tools for the job will save you a lot time spring cleaning while achieving the same result!


      Spring cleaning should not be a one-person effort. Everyone in the family should do their part to make the house sparkly clean!

      Allocate each member of the family to a specific role, be it cleaning their own room or taking charge of a specific task.

      Not only does it share the back-breaking workload of spring cleaning, it is a great way to bond as a family too!

      Nothing bonds the family better than accomplishing a spring cleaning feat together. Everyone gets to live in a cleaner & fresher home!


      Some chores just can’t be done on a regular basis, given how packed our schedules are and how much effort these chores require.

      These seasonal chores includes (but are not limited to) wiping down your windows, scrubbing your toilets, and cleaning the area under your furniture.

      And while we neglect these chores for most of the year, these areas are slowly collecting dust, dirt and grout.

      Getting these chores done during spring cleaning will clean off so much of those, your house will feel revived with new life once it's done!

      _ _ _ _

      If you’re looking for cleaning tools to help you deep clean your home more efficiently and effectively, check out our collection of cleaning appliances!