These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

Have you ever wondered why are your windows still dirty even after wiping them? Or why is it that the stone-counter top on your newly renovated kitchen has so many scratches? Below are some cleaning habits you may unknowingly have, that had caused you such problems.

1. Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

An issue that many people have is the smudges and streaks on their windows. It is advisable to not clean your windows when the sunlight is out and strong. Cleaning under direct sunlight will cause the windows to still have streaks even after 30 minutes of vigorous wiping. The reason being that the sunlight will dry up the cleaning liquid quickly, turning it into stubborn streaks that are difficult to remove.

It would be best to clean your windows on a cloudy day or when the sun has gone down. Alternatively, you can use a window vacuum to wipe your windows clean at any time of the day.


2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

Using the wrong cleaning supplies

Using the wrong cleaning supplies may cause damage to the item. Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners as well as hacks that are not attested by professionals. If you have any furniture or surface made out of natural stone, using a microfibre cloth and soap specialised to clean stone surfaces will be ideal.


3. Waiting for Chores to Pile Up

Waiting for chores to pile up

Reaching home after a hard day at work, all you want to do is lie down and rest. But having a habit of pushing back chores is not good! Stacks of dirty dishes and dirty laundry lying around may cause pests to gather.

Just a fun fact, cockroaches can live for a few weeks without its head, it only dies because it has no mouth to drink water from. 

So although you are tired, make sure that your home is clean before you go to bed and your daily chores are completed. The cockroach and its big family are unwelcome guests after all.


4. Using Dirty Cleaning Supplies

Using dirty cleaning supplies

Cleaning your home with dirty cleaning supplies will only cause your home to get dirty. Dirty mops and brooms will only spread the grime all over your house. We have done an article on how to take care of your cleaning supplies here. Go give it a read to ensure that you are cleaning effectively!


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