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Top 5 Tips For Last Minute Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

With Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner, some people would already be in the midst or finishing up their spring cleaning sessions. However, if you are on this article and waiting for the upcoming weekends to pack everything in, here are top 5 tips for your last minute CNY spring cleaning! 


1. Replace Your Door Mat 

Welcome Door Mat

First impressions matter. A positive first impression can make or break your guests’ image on your house, especially if they are only visiting only once or twice during festive celebrations per year. You can make a last minute touch to your house by switching up the entrance area with a door mat or decorations! 


2. Clean Or Replace Bulbs

Dining Table

To enhance the look of your house, replace the lightbulb to make your house brighter and full of life. More importantly, if your cover and fixtures are covered with a layer of dust or dirt, grab an all-purpose cleaner and cloth to give it a wipe down! Unsure of what lightbulbs to use? Different coloured bulbs will give your rooms a different feeling - soft white tends to be warm and yellow, and are best suited for your bedrooms as it gives off a cozy feeling; while bright white tends to give off a more energetic vibe and are best for your living room spaces.  


3. Wipe Your Windows 

Wipe Window

Unless your windows are fully covered up by curtains, fingerprints and oily smears are the most obvious on glass surfaces. If you do not want your guest to see the stains on your windows, grab your nearby window cleaner and wipe it down! A clean, streak-free, stainless window will be your proud end product. 


4. Prioritise Your Areas

Home Layout

Ideally, spring cleaning should mean that the whole house is thoroughly wiped down and cleaned. However, if you are talking about last minute spring cleaning … it would be best if only obvious places are being prioritised. 

One little trick to go about this would be to start from obvious places that guests will visit when they come over. Some places would be: the living room, dining area, washroom and kitchen.


5. Surround Yourself With Lucky Colours

Chinese New Year Decorations

Now, we are not talking about Chinese New Year without some festive and lucky colours! Check your zodiac or birth year for your lucky colour and spread them all over your house. These additions to your house will bring about the festive vibes and luck! 



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