Which Mop Fits Your Needs?

Which Mop Fits Your Needs?

When mops are mentioned, what may come to mind is a piece of cloth, a rag or a manual mop. However, with technological advances, several different types of zhnged up mops are available, and we are here to give a brief run-through of their selling points. If you are about to purchase a new mop but are unsure which to get, this article is for you. 

1. Steam Mops

Steam Mop

Steam mops kill 99.9% of germs on the floor using heat and without any chemicals. The mop is perfect for households with pets or children, as the floor surfaces are chemical-free, making it safe for those who frequently sit on the floor. Depending on the brand, the steam mop may have an adjustable steam output function. This function allows the steam mop to be adjusted to different temperatures and clean different floor surfaces.

Note that surfaces such as unsealed floors cannot use steam mops. For tough stains such as grease or ink, you will need to crank up the heat to remove them. It is, therefore, best to purchase a steam mop that has an adjustable steam output function. To find out more about steam mops, you can check out this article. 

P.S. Leifheit’s steam mop comes with a carpet glider; professional carpet cleaning just got a lot easier.


2. Spin Mops

Spin Mop

Spin mops have a similar look to standard classic mops; however, their additional functions ease the mopping process. It is much cleaner and easier to clean the mop head as you do not have to bend over and touch the mop head to clean it. Simply put the mop head onto the spin bucket, and depending on the mop bucket model, pump or pedal to wring the mop and get rid of the accumulated dirt.

3. Spray Mops

Spray Mop

Spray mops have a water tank attached to the mop, which can be easily refilled with water or cleaning solutions. Mopping is more convenient using a spray mop as you do not have to head back or bring around a bucket constantly. With their compact design, spray mops are perfect for quick and in-between cleaning. 

4. Press Mops

Press Mops

Press mops can be said to be a combination of spin and rectangular mops. With its rectangular shape, it can easily clean hard to reach corners with precision. However, unlike regular rectangular shaped mops, press mops do not require the user to bend down and touch the mop head to wring and clean it. 

If you use Leifheit’s press mop, you can simply use your foot to detach the mop cloth and have it cleaned.

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