Adulting Series: Home Renting Essentials

Adulting Series: Home Renting Essentials

If you are planning to or had just recently moved out, congratulations! Planning the move is not easy and takes a lot of courage. On the bright side, you are about to embark on a new and exciting journey. For this week's adulting series, we will share with you some essentials that you will need as a first-time renter!

1. Ironing Needs

Ironing Needs

Staying in a rental, the landlord may not provide ironing tools such as an iron and ironing board. To keep your safe haven organised, make sure to purchase household items that are compact and portable. Ironing wise, look for an ironing board that can be stored easily to maximise the limited space. Purchasing household tools may sound intimidating, but it will be worth the investment. Besides, who doesn't like looking crisp and dapper.

To get the basics of ironing down, read this article!


2. Tidy Laundry Corner

Tidy Laundry Corner

Installing a ceiling laundry rack or using the landlord’s laundry rack may not be possible. Laying your washed clothes all over the room is also not ideal as it will cause a mess. Thus, find a lightweight, compact and portable laundry rack that you can easily store into the cupboard or at the side of the room. 


3. Spick And Span Windows

Spick And Span Windows

Being cooped up in the room all day long is the dream for homebodies, but looking out of a dirty window to enjoy the view does not sound appealing. For a safer and simpler way to clean your windows, consider investing in window cleaners or up your game with window vacuumsIt is dangerous to reach out for the outer window surface so please exercise proper safety procedures.


4. Neat And Clean Kitchen

Neat And Clean Kitchen

With most units only allowing light cooking, this point may resonate more with those who are renting an entire place for themselves or house-sharing with friends.

Hygiene is paramount in communal spaces (especially in kitchens where food is prepared). However, did you know that kitchens are the dirtiest areas in the average household? To keep the kitchen neat and tidy, ensure that you have essential organising tools such as storage containers, sponge holders and wall-mounts.


From cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

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