Adulting Series: Housewarming Gifts

Adulting Series: Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new home is a significant chapter in life. If it is your friend’s or family’s first time moving out, coming empty-handed to their housewarming party may be a tad disappointing. After all, housewarming parties are a celebration that requires gifts! However, getting a good housewarming gift may be difficult. If you are stuck on what you should give to your friends as a housewarming gift, read on!

1. Personalised Items

Personalised Items
Ordinary items will become more memorable when given the personal touch. Popular yet unique housewarming gifts examples are cups or cutting boards with the receiver’s name engraved or printed on them. You can also give personalised photo frames for newlywed couples for them to frame their wedding pictures. Other items that can be personalised are cushions and throws. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools
Cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning cloths and mops are good housewarming gifts. Your friend or family will surely appreciate receiving excellent quality cleaning tools, as they are practical items which they would use frequently. After spending a large amount of money on moving expenses and down-payments, there is only so much of their budget left. If you don't want to hurt the bank too much, consider sharing the cost amongst friends for more premium equipment.

Mops are great, but have you heard of steam mops? 
Steam mops remove 99.9% of bacterias on the floor and are more sanitary than regular mops. Most steam mops require only water and no need for other cleaning chemicals, making it convenient for the user. Cleaning without chemicals is also safer for pets and children!

3. Laundry Supplies

Laundry Supplies
For gifts related to clothing, the options are numerous! You can get detergent, softeners, laundry baskets, towels, drying racks and even ironing boards. These items are necessities that will be helpful for the receiver. You can even create your own laundry hamper by putting the smaller items such as the detergent and towels inside a laundry basket. Add in a personal note with well wishes to make the hamper even more heartfelt!
If your friend or family is single or lives in a smaller size place, you can give them a smaller version of the ironing board!

4. Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools
Cutlery and dinnerware sets are fantastic housewarming gifts. However, new homeowners may be overwhelmed with the vast array of kitchenware out there. Gifting them kitchen tools such as storage containers, cutlery organisers or wall-mounted roll holders would be more beneficial. Organising the new kitchen will be much easier when there are proper tools to help give each item a space of its own. 


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