Adulting Series: Quick Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Game

Adulting Series: Quick Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Game

Setting chores aside for “later” will only leave you to clean a bigger mess than when you take a few minutes of your time to do the task. Read on for tips on how to combat the lazy clean up bug.

1. Washing Your Dishes

Washing Your Dishes

Many people hate washing dishes. After all, lying down on the couch or the bed with a full stomach is much more tempting. However, piling dirty dishes in the sink for when you have the time is not the way to go. Dishes with the leftover bits of food will attract pest and insects and will give off a nasty stench when left unwashed for too long.

If having to wash piles of dirty dishes has been a problem for you, what you can do is start cleaning up early. As you wait for your dish to finish cooking, start washing the knife and the cutting board and all the other crockeries used to prepare the meal. It is much easier to start cleaning up after a meal when there are just several dirty bowls or plates and cutleries to clean. Having a lot to wash; pots, pans, knife, cutting board etc., tends to daunt people in doing the chore.

2. Folding Your Laundry

Folding Your Laundry

Folding clothes and stowing them away neatly is satisfying for some but for others, not so much. For those who hate folding clothes, their laundry may end up in a stack at the corner of their room, collecting dust and wrinkles. The clothes might also have a strange smell on them as they were left without being properly stored in a space that have a dehumidifier which combats mould and musty odours.

If you hate folding laundry or cannot seem to fold neatly, hang them up instead. Remember to not over stuff your wardrobe as it will result in clothes with folds. A little tip: iron your clothes only when you are about to wear it! Ironing it and stowing it back to the wardrobe will give it the creases that you have tried so hard to remove.

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3. Sweeping And Mopping The Floor

Sweeping And Mopping The Floor

Sweeping and mopping the floor should be done regularly. With dust, fallen hair, and dirt gathering daily, you will be taking the filth all around the house if you do not clean the floor. Try to make sweeping a morning routine and mopping a weekly routine. You can consider sweeping as a short morning workout before you start off your day.

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