Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes

Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes

Have you ever stood infront of the ironing board thinking to yourself if this t-shirt or dress really needs to be ironed? Especially with an ever-growing ironing pile, it's easy to feel defeated or unmotivated to keep ironing. Despite ironing being one of the household chores most people shun away from, there are actually a host of benefits to this chore & can potentially be motivating factors to make ironing a part of your lifestyle too!



  1. Clothes look better for longer

Steam ironing garments help fabric fibres soften and return to their original state improving their quality and ensuring their longevity. Some fabrics stretch out as you wear them, changing the original form of the garment. By ironing your shirts, dresses & even jeans, your garments will maintain its shape and look like new for longer.


  1. Steam kills germs & eliminate moulds

A steam iron heats up to 212 degrees Celsius in order to generate steam, and at this temperature, the steam kills bacteria, germs, mould, and even dust mites. Steam ironing also replaces the need to use toxic chemicals in order to sanitise your clothes. If you are a pet owner, you can also run your steam iron over surfaces to restore the freshness!



  1. Steam ironing removes odours

Do you know that one of the causes of body odour is due to the occurrence of a natural by-product of bacteria living in our clothes? By ironing your clothes, bacteria are killed and the odour dissipates. Sports gear and polyester fabrics can sometimes also trap the stench of sweat but there's nothing a good steam cannot fix, leaving your clothes super fresh and hygienic!



  1. Safer than dry cleaning

Dry cleaners use harmful chemicals that you avoid by doing your laundry and ironing at home. Most dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene and other chemicals like it to treat garments. These toxic chemicals are harmful to our health as they stick to your clothing and can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin too.



  1. Ironing helps reverse shrinkage

Steam ironing helps with relaxing and flattening the fibers of your woven fabrics which can restore the natural shape of the garments that might have tightened up during the washing or drying cycle. This can sometimes make the difference between clothing feeling too tight or just right.



  1. Improved first impressions & image
Dressing well and having crease-free clothing shows that you take pride in yourself. It follows that people who take pride in themselves take pride in other areas of their lives too. First impressions last, and just like you will observe what you do and do not like, so will your date or your future employer. Don't allow the wrinkled appearance of your clothing to distract them from the good stuff!

If you still need some convincing, start somewhere & start small. Choose your battles wisely. Thanks to modern textiles, there are iron-free fabrics which can help to reduce the number of garments you have to iron & also to save you the time taken to complete this chore.

With the many positives that comes with ironing or steam ironing your clothes, maybe it might not be too difficult to incorporate it as part of your lifestyle! Let Leifheit give you a hand in your ironing journey through our selection of ironing board covers by checking out our website:

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