Cleaning Myths Debunked

Cleaning Myths Debunked

Whether you love or loathe it, cleaning up your house is inevitable. Generation after generation, home remedies, hacks, and myths have been passed down to make this chore less of a chore. However, when the dust settles, did you do more harm than good to your humble abode? Perhaps it’s time to clear the air with some commonly held beliefs about cleaning.

1. Dusters Don’t Remove Dust

Why isn't the dust disappearing...

Remember that ratan feather duster? If you were lucky, it was only used for dusting. Otherwise, it’s as useful as asking the dust to politely leave. Most dusters, feather or otherwise, only move dust around. Unless you use a wet cloth (which may actually be more work), ensure that your duster is either made out of microfibre or lambswool. These materials actually pick up and hold on to dust. 

2. Bleach Is Not The Ultimate Cleaner (Neither Is Vinegar)

Son of a bleach

There is a reason why everyone swears by bleach. It is, afterall, a very potent disinfectant. In some use cases, such as cleaning greasy stovetops, you will need to mix it with other cleaning products. However, read the instructions wrongly and you have with you a highly toxic chemical. Furthermore, residual bleach left behind is an irritant for your eyes, skin, and lungs. Unless you read the instructions properly and clean up thoroughly, you risk creating a hazardous environment for you, your kids, and pets.

In that case, just use vinegar! If you can eat it, it’s definitely safe right? While it is great for clearing limescale, grease, and removing stains on certain fixtures, it must be used with caution too. What makes this condiment so tasty will also corrode and damage granite countertops and wooden surfaces in the long run due to the acidity level.

If harsh chemicals concern you, you could check out our Clean Tenso Steam Mop; using just water and the power of steam, you get to kill 99.9% bacteria from any flooring surfaces (works on carpets too!).

3. Your Washing Machine Does Not Clean Itself 

Not the ghost costume again...

Just because it washes things, it does not mean it’s clean! Lint and wash cycles that require cold water are some reasons that result in bacteria staying in the washing machine. After all, soiled sheets pass through your machine on a weekly basis. This plus the humidity levels would leave things prone to molding. 

Always clear the lint tray whenever possible and run it on an empty load with baking soda and vinegar every week. Click here for more laundry tips!

4. Soaking Is Not Good For Your Dishes


Your dishes might be soaking right now! While some cookware needs some soaking to make scrubbing easier, not all kitchen and cookware are made equal. Stainless steel pots and pans should never be left to soak unless you want to have water stains and pitted surfaces. Wooden utensils are also prone to water damage, causing them to warp and even split. On top of that, soaking dishes for too long is a health hazard waiting to happen; conditions are just right for bacteria to fester. Never soak dishes overnight.  

5. Don’t Use Newspapers To Clean Your Windows And Mirrors

Print is dead

Newspaper for streakless windows and mirrors is old news. Most modern newspapers are made from thinner materials which are prone to breakage and leaving residue all over your surface. On top of that, plenty of manufacturers still use petroleum based ink which leaves unsightly stains to both your mirror/glass and hands. 

For better results, you should use microfiber cloths or even coffee filters. For best results, check out our Nemo Window Vacuum Cleaner.


While nothing beats the sagely wisdom of experience, plenty of cleaning misinformation can spread in this day and age. If you take care of your house, it becomes a home. So always read your labels and never leave chores for tomorrow!

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