No More Kitchen Headaches With These 4 Simple Tricks

No More Kitchen Headaches With These 4 Simple Tricks

The kitchen: the source of so many wonderful, delicious, memorable meals with our loved ones. However, it also needs constant attention. Sharp objects, flames, hot surfaces, and bacteria are just some of the things you need to take note of. It’s easy to see why kitchen cleaning and maintenance can become such a hassle. The best way to deal with this is to get everything organised. So where to begin?

Read on for some kitchen organising hacks that will up your kitchen game and make your life that much easier.

1. Jars Jars Jars

Jar Jar

Jars are the perfect storage solution. Most store bought food packaging have labels covering the actual food itself. It becomes hard to see how much of it you have left. With jars, it just takes one glance to see what you need to restock. Just remember to label them correctly!

On top of that, organisation becomes a lot easier if you get similarly sized jars (more on that later!).  

What’s more, you can use them as containers when you shop at these local stores that are saving the environment (see how here). Click here and here to see what other fun things you can do with jars.

Pro tip:

Make the healthier foods easier to reach by having them stored at eye level; good habits are formed when you know how to make them easier to do!

2. Kitchen Office 

The (Office) Kitchen
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No we don’t mean setting your workstation in your kitchen (although we won’t stop you from trying)! We are talking about repurposing some stationery items to organise your kitchen. Try using file dividers to keep your fresh produce neatly stacked in your shelves or even in the kitchen. 

Binder clips are also great for storing bottles! With more and more offices going paperless, it’s a great idea to repurpose these supplies and give them a new lease on life. Just make sure to give them a good rinse! 

3. Go Vertical


The principle behind this is to minimise clutter on countertop spaces. Ideally, you would want to keep all countertop surfaces as empty as possible as it makes cleaning significantly easier and less daunting. The best way to achieve space saving zen is to think vertically.

Circling back to the point on jars: getting taller jars or containers equals to less counter space used. 

An easy way to think vertically is to look at every other surface as a potential storage space: walls, fridge doors, and even the ceiling! With so many magnetic kitchen storage solutions, it’s so easy to do these yourself.

Since you are here, check out our multipurpose wall mounts for the perfect vertical storage solution!

4. Push Carts

Go Cart

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For those with smaller kitchens, this might be the solution you never knew you needed. While it does take up floor space, remember, it’s on wheels! It’s perfect for bigger kitchen appliances that you don’t use everyday like food processors, pressure cookers, and grinders.

While the kitchen needs constant attention, it doesn’t have to be a chore. There are plenty of websites out there for creative kitchen solutions and inspiration. If you simply don’t have the time to completely redo your kitchen, then focus on one small area every week or so. It could even be as one small drawer. 

As time goes by, you will slowly transform your kitchen into a hassle free playground for all your kitchen experiments. So what are you waiting for?

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