Show Your Mum Some Love This Mother's Day With These Activities!

Show Your Mum Some Love This Mother's Day With These Activities!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don't worry if you have nothing planned, we've got your back! Here are five different activities to give you ideas on what to do this May 9th. 

1. Museum Trips

Museum Trips

Source: Alex Lim on Unsplash

Museum trips are a classic bonding activity. Take a relaxing and chill stroll around the compound while enjoying the exhibitions and soaking in the atmosphere. Remember to take photos together at the different exhibitions as a keepsake. Share the photos online to let others know how your day went!

Museums and exhibitions that you can visit are the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore International Festival of Arts.


2. Picnic


Picnics make for great outings! Go to places such as Henderson Waves and Marina Barrage to have a day out in the sun. You can pack sandwiches or sushi/kimbab from home or even get a cake!

To stay hydrated, remember to bring drinks such as water or tea. If you would like to keep your drinks cold for several hours, use a thermal flask. You can use the lid as a cup, making drinking convenient!


3. Staycation


With borders still closed, spending the time at a hotel for a staycation is a great alternative. If you have not used up your SingapoRediscovers vouchers, take this Mother’s Day weekend to spend it!

You can watch shows together from your favourite streaming service while snacking on popcorn and chips and lying down on the hotel bed. If not, get your sunscreens ready to do some sun tanning on the poolside! 


4. Doing Their Passion Together

Doing Their Passion Together

As we go about our own busy lives, we tend to forget to spend time with our family. On Mother’s Day, take the occasion to do activities that your mother or mother figure likes to do! You can bake together with them, paint portraits of each other or walk around your neighbourhood to take pictures of the local scene.

You can get baking supplies from local supermarkets or RedMan and painting supplies from stores like Art Friend!


5. A Special Day At Home

A Special Day At Home

A classic Mother’s Day celebration idea is to make them feel loved and comfortable while staying at home. Start off the morning by cooking their favourite breakfast. Let them rest for the day and clean up in their stead. Make sure that they are snug and cosy throughout the day.

You can also create a self-care package for them. It can consist of facial masks, their favourite snacks, and even scented candles! 

Although Mother’s Day only comes once a year, make sure to spend time with your mum or your maternal figures as much as possible on the daily. We wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!


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