Things You NEED To Do While Working From Home

Things You NEED To Do While Working From Home

With the recent heightened measures to curb local Covid-19 cases, gyms are closed, there is no dining-in and working from home has yet again become the default for many. Read on to get some ideas to ensure that the new measures are not taking a toll on your well-being. 

1. Home Workouts

Home Workouts

The first thing that comes to mind regarding healthy living is exercising. Finding the time and space to exercise will be challenging especially in a crowded household. However, having to sit down for hours while you work is already constricting enough, so get a move around in your free time. Besides, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

After dinner, try to set aside 15-30 minutes to do simple exercises (that don't take up much space) such as stretches, some jumping jacks or several sets of static exercises such as planks. You can also follow short exercising videos that have been posted on YouTube. Do you remember Chloe Ting and Emi Wong’s workouts from last year? 

2. Leisure Hours

Leisure Hours

Some days may get a bit too much. Take a breather after you finish work or once the kids are asleep. Go enjoy a pint of ice cream, do some retail therapy, read that book that you have been wanting to dive into. You have done well pulling through the day. You deserve a treat! 

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3. Eating Healthier

Eating Healthier

Takeaways or food delivery sure is convenient, but having it for every meal is not ideal. However, if you cannot set aside time to cook during your lunch hour, you can instead dabao or order food with the Healthier Choice symbol. You can also try meal prepping during the weekends so that weekdays lunch are easier to manage. Make it into a family activity by having your family members help out with chopping the ingredients using easy to use kitchen tools.

Cooking your own meal is also much healthier as it allows you to use fresh ingredients and you will be able to monitor what you are consuming more closely. Not to mention the amount of money you can save, especially if you have a big family.

4. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. With social distancing measures in place, use applications like Zoom, Skype, Discord or Houseparty to connect, keep in touch and play games with your close ones. Staying connected to your close ones and having a supportive community to turn to during hard times will help in easing your worries. You may even unknowingly help a friend in need by lending them a listening ear.

If you are facing challenges and need someone to talk to, please seek help through:

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): 1800 221 4444



Stay home and stay safe, everyone. Together, we can get through this pandemic and get back to normalcy!



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