Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

Why A Good Ironing Cover Matters

Trying to skimp on the quality of your ironing board cover?

Here are some reasons why investing in a good ironing board cover matters:

1) A good ironing board cover supports the transfer of heat & steam

LEIFHEIT Heat Reflect Ironing Board Cover


Regardless of technique or strength, the key ingredient for ironing to remove wrinkles is heat (and steam). If there’s an inadequate transfer of steam and heat from the iron to your clothing, the wrinkles won’t disappear & it would have ended up as a waste of your energy and time.

The right ironing board cover allows for the easy transfer of heat and steam from the iron into your clothing, smoothening out those pesky wrinkles fast.


2) A good ironing board cover is fitting and secure

A well-fitted ironing board cover fits snugly on your ironing board as it should not crinkle up or shift around when ironing clothes on it, allowing  the transfer of heat and steam to occur properly and improves the efficacy of ironing your clothing on it - resulting in straightened and smoothened clothes! Sometimes, these ironing board covers can come with an elastic drawstring or a tension clip that ensure that they sits tightly and firmly on the ironing board just like the Thermo Reflect featured above.


3) A good ironing board cover is one that suits your lifestyle & ironing habits

LEIFHEIT Cotton Classic Ironing Board Cover


As fashion moves along with times, our wardrobes might likely have expanded with a variety of clothing that comes in all different materials & fabrics. Just as how there are different ways in caring for the various materials of clothing, there are different ironing board covers made with varying functions to suit specific types of clothing and ironing habits.

Some fabrics allow for faster ironing and prevent scorching or damaging clothing fabrics when compared to others. A smoother ironing board cover is generally better because heat and steam transfer easier through a smoother surface than a coarse one.

Some are better or worse than others at keeping your clothes from moving around too much on the board, and that obviously has an effect on how much you can get the wrinkles out.

Regardless of whether you are ironing your go-to cotton t-shirt or your favourite silk dress, we have an ironing board cover that will meet your every ironing need! Get yours today!: https://leifheit.sg/collections/ironing-board-covers-accessories

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