Quick And Easy Tips To Cleaning Your Bathroom

Quick And Easy Tips To Cleaning Your Bathroom

Probably the most dreaded areas to clean in the house, the bathroom certainly appears to be a daunting place to clean. However, it stands to reason that the very room we use to clean ourselves should always be in tip top condition. Furthermore, the toilet isn’t even the dirtiest place in the house (we will have an article covering that soon)!

Regardless, we have made an idiot proof guide to cleaning your bathroom.


1. Arm yourself with the right tools


Before you start cleaning, you must make sure you have the right tools. You want to do your chores in the most efficient and timely manner. Besides, you may risk damaging surfaces if you use the wrong cleaning appliance or product. The bare essentials you would need are the following items: toilet brush, sponges, squeegee, broom, mop, and bucket.

Looking at that short list, you will notice that everything, with the exception of the toilet brush (and maybe the squeegee), can be found elsewhere in the house. However, these are the bare essentials for a reason. Appliances such as those that fall under Leifheit’s Click System as well as the Leifheit Window Vacuum not only make life so much easier, but their functional features also ensure that you get the biggest bag for your buck.

2. Schedule your chores 

Scheduled Cleaning

As the adage goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Break up your tasks into weekly and monthly tasks. This makes the cleaning process streamlined and easier in the long run (you don’t want to wait until pesky soap suds and mildew to start showing up, do you?). Here is a suggested list to follow:

On a weekly basis, ensure that the trashcan is emptied, and toiletries are stocked. Things such as was towels, bathmats, and shower curtains should also be cleaned. The toilet, sink, bathtub, bathroom tiles, and knobs should be cleaned and disinfected. Don’t forget to give the floor and mirror a good cleaning too!

Once a month, take the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of the bathroom. This includes cleaning the ventilation fans, drawers, cabinets, and showerhead. These are often overlooked items to clean which would lead to long term problems if overlooked (don’t give mildew any chance to prosper deep in some cabinet).

3. Organization is key

Organised bathroom

On top of organizing your time, an organized space will make life a lot easier (trust us, you don’t want to keep manually laying out toiletries one by one every time you clean the bathroom). Small containers (or even jars) can act as simple storage units to help compartmentalize everything. You can even use reusable soap dispensers and bottles (in fact, here is a list of some eco-friendly stores that also sell soap and other body care products as refills). 

Not only does this help with making your bathroom appear less cluttered, but it also allows you to support the efforts in making society more environmentally conscience. In fact, why not upcycle other old home appliances into storage units? Be creative!

4. Make it fun

Couple Cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a drag. In fact, if you share your house with your family, housemates, or spouse, cleaning up can be a lot more fun. Don’t be afraid of turning it into a fun activity by introducing some game elements or by simply playing some of your favourite tunes. Granted, this is less of a practical tip, however, being in the right head space will help pull you through more than you can expect.

Here are some articles that we have shared in the past with regard to turning chores into a more wholesome activity. If you live independently, then guess what? You live in a house with less of a mess to clean. There’s always a silver lining. Plus, it’s a good excuse to practice some of those dance moves while cleaning the walls without anyone watching.

At the end of the day, the bathroom is a lot like our own bodies: simple consistent maintenance will go a long way. The last thing you want is some irreparable damages that would end up costing you a huge hole in your pockets. Additionally, it's another essential skill that will see you through your life. The next steps beyond this would be simple bathroom repairs; in no time, you will be the master of your own home.


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