Frightening Facts You Wish You Knew About Your Home

Frightening Facts You Wish You Knew About Your Home

It’s the most frightening time of the year! While we brave it out at home during this pandemic, it’s easy to think that your house is the safest place to be. However, there are things at home that are truly terrifying. Whether you believe in ghosts or dismiss superstitions, these facts are sure to give you a good scare.


​​1. Done, Dusted, and Dead (Skin)


Any haunted house worth it’s scare is often riddled with dust and cobwebs. While the source for the latter is obvious, do you know where dust comes from? While it certainly is very easy to clean with a decent duster, when was the last time you ran your fingers over the top of your cabinets or door frames?

It may come as a shock to you that 70-80% of dust comes from YOU. Those tiny little specks are actually made up from dead skin cells. In fact, you shed an average of 3.6kg of skin every year. Now imagine having allergies and the case of the sniffles because you are inhaling bits and pieces of everyone at home!

If that’s not gross enough, your dead skin cells invite unwanted guests. Read on to find out more!


2. You Never Sleep Alone


Many of us are scared of things that go bump at night or the unimaginable things that could be hiding under your bed. While the former could be easily explained with old piping, there’s certainly something under your bed. Not just that, it’s ON your bed too.

Every night, when you go to sleep, you are accompanied with 1.5 million dust mites.These microscopic bugs are invisible to the naked eye and feed on dead skin cells. If they are microscopic, it shouldn’t be that bad right?

Around 10% of your pillow weight is made up of dead dust mites and their droppings. All of this could amount to the following side effects: runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, red or watery eyes, asthma and difficulty in breathing, eczema, cough or hay fever.

We won’t fault you for concluding that all you need to do is to give your house a deep clean. However, that in itself could potentially lead to more problems as we explain in the next segment.


3. There is Something in the Air

*coughing intensifies*

Your house is a toxic environment. No we don’t mean in terms of relationships! Research has shown that indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times more toxic than outdoors due to some chemicals in cleaning products. In fact, it’s speculated that the rising asthma rates in children have been due to the same chemicals found in some cleaning products.

Just like food, it is always best to read the labels before you purchase anything. In this case, you could look into getting your hands on a good steam mop that uses nothing else but water.

Just because you need to clean something, does not mean you need to get industrial grade products. On top of that, you may be using your cleaning products wrongly. Check out this article on some common cleaning myths!


So what now?

Don’t panic. These are actually easy to fix problems. In fact, we’ve been pushing out several articles on how to ensure that your home is properly cleaned. A simple weekly clean is enough to ensure a healthy home and body.

In fact, a good air purifier could solve most of the problems that we’ve mentioned above!

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