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      Kitchen Tools & Accessories

      Kitchen Tools & Accessories

      Liven up your kitchen with Leifheit

      At Leifheit, we believe that home is only complete with a fully functional kitchen. That's why, we develop kitchen tools to cover every aspect of a kitchen's needs from food-making to storage, from salad spinners, kitchen thermometers & timers, to roll holders.

      Your one-stop for all your kitchen needs.

      LEIFHEIT Egg Cutter Combi L03121 LEIFHEIT Egg Cutter Combi L03121On Sale
      $22.40 $28.00
      LEIFHEIT Slice Cutter Pearl Grey L03092 LEIFHEIT Slice Cutter Pearl Grey L03092On Sale
      $36.00 $45.00
      LEIFHEIT Piping Bag L03162 LEIFHEIT Piping Bag L03162On Sale
      $22.40 $28.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Citrus Press L21301 LEIFHEIT Comfortline Citrus Press L21301On Sale
      $25.60 $32.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Perfect Foil Cutter L23051 On Sale
      $44.00 $55.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Mount Roll Holder L03002 On Sale
      $118.40 $148.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Kitchen Timer L22600 On Sale
      $11.20 $14.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Quality Chopper L23040 Sold Out
      $36.00 $45.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Food Chopper L03003 Sold Out
      $57.60 $72.00
      LEIFHEIT Comfortline Upright Roll Holder L23203 LEIFHEIT Comfortline Upright Roll Holder L23203On Sale
      $70.40 $88.00