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      Airfresh Wash 500 Air Purifier

      2-in-1 Air Washing: Naturally Humidified Air That's Clean & Healthy

      Enjoy healthy, clean and naturally humid air from just one device. The Soehnle Airfresh Wash 500 air washer's complex 3-layer filtering system scrubs out allergens and pollutants in the ambient air. 

      After which, its natural, efficient nebulisation technology ensures particularly hygienic humidification of the air, without heating the water or producing visible water vapour. Compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, the Airfresh Wash 500 releases up to 99% less bacteria.

      This is perfect for those who love the comfort and cool of air-conditioned indoor spaces, but are affected by the dryness of the air caused by air-conditioning. The Airfresh Wash 500's automatic monitoring of the air in the room ensures constant humidity to your desired comfort, meaning that it's easier than ever to ensure better health and quality of life in your own home with optimal air. 

      Certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), the Soehnle Airfresh Wash 500 effectively removes up to 85% of all allergens and pollutants greater than 3.0 µm from your air.

      For The Ideal Indoor Climate

      Filtering And Purifying Your Air

      The Airfresh Wash 500 has a three-layer filter system that rids your air of pollen, animal hair, fine dust, household dust, stirred-up dust mites and unpleasant odours. Additional small particles are removed from the air using a cleaning drum that rotates in water.

      Ideal For Allergy Sufferers

      The allergy-friendliness of the product has been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). This means that it is ideal for creating an indoor climate that will drastically improve living conditions for people prone to morning sinus, dust allergies, or people with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

      High Quality, Advanced Air Washing Technology

      The Soehnle Airfresh Wash 500's 3-Step Air Washing System For Producing Optimal Air in an Indoor Enviroment

      1st Step: Air Filtering

      Polluted air is sucked in and the removable EPA and activated carbon filters separate large dust particles and hair, and remove odours from the air.

      2nd Step: Washing

      The air is guided into the cleaning drum that is rotating in water, and this is where the air is washed, trapping the smallest particles in the water

      3rd Step: Humidifying

      The clean air is blown back out into the room evenly and the air in the room is hygienically humidified through Soehnle's evaporation technology.

      2-in-1: Effective air purifying & room humidity optimisation 

      Recommended for allergy & dry skin sufferers

      The high-quality three-layer filter system and the cleaning drum which rotates in water removes even the smallest particles before the clean air is
      humidified evenly with the finest hydrogen molecules.

      With the large, illuminated LCD screen, the Airfresh Wash 500 has very good readability for monitoring the current air humidity, even in low light. You can also customise the duration and intensity of air cleaning with its three power levels, a timer and the continual adjustment of the desired humidity.

      Once the optimal level of humidity has been reached, the device switches off automatically. The display indicates when a filter change is required, so that you can always rely on air that is consistently clean.

      Large LED Screen For Easy Readibility, Even In Low Lit Rooms

      Setting The Desired Intensity of Humidity Emissions

      Large, Removable 4.0L Water Tank For Long Operating Times

      Timer Function: Manually Set Running Time To A Maximum Of 12 Hours

      Removable Filter With Filter Change Display For Constant Clean Air

      Easy Cleaning Of The Device for Hygienic Operation

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