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Leifheit (Singapore)

LEIFHEIT Supra Rubber Broom L56415

LEIFHEIT Supra Rubber Broom L56415

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That is the way a modern broom has to look like: instead of dirty and interconnected natural bristles Leifheit Supra broom has hygienic supra bristles made of natural rubber. They sweep dust, hairs and dirt completely together – without to interconnect or to become dirty, whether on the inside or on the outside, whether from the smooth parquet, from tiles or uneven stone floors. The supra brooms cleans all floors environmentally friendly without electricity, quickly and thoroughly. Even from carpets the Supra broom sweeps dust and fluff. For persistent stains the sweeper turns into a brush or a scrubbing brush. Simply dip the supra bristles into water, then remove the water with the rubber lip, ready. The supra bristles do not wear out even after years of use. After the sweeping they can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly using running water. The telescopic handle is extendable from 1 up to 1,40 m. Even hard to reach areas can be swept. Sweeping width is 35 cm.


  • Hygienic supra bristles sweep on all floors inside and outside
  • Remove dust, hairs and dirt without to interconnect
  • With telescopic handle, extendable up to 1.40 m
  • Sweeping width 35 cm
  • Model : L56415


All Leifheit products come with a free 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for Leifheit products bought from Singapore outlets and online stores.

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