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Leifheit (Singapore)

LEIFHEIT Tower Dryer Classic 270 L81454

LEIFHEIT Tower Dryer Classic 270 L81454

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The Classic Tower 270 Tower Dryer is a real space-saving wonder. With a set-up space of just 68 x 68 cm it fits in practically every corner: whether in the shower, in a narrow bathroom, on a small balcony or in narrow corridors. Three drying levels on top of each other offer 27 metres of line length for drying and space for up to 3 washing machine loads. Thanks to its foldable frame, the tower dryer can also be folded in half and used on just one side. The bars on each drying level can also be folded individually – the Classic Tower 270 is thus suitable for large and especially long items of laundry. The tower's 4 integrated, easy-moving rollers mean it can be fully loaded and moved in all directions. The rollers are fitted with an all-round flexible 360° rotating joint. The Classic Tower 270 Tower Dryer is the ideal laundry rack for families with very little drying space. The Classic Tower 270 can also be made small after use: when folded up flatly, it fits effortlessly between cabinet and wall. It is 1.26 metres high, with a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Reduced space requirement: 126 x 68 x 68 cm (HxWxD)
  • Three drying levels with 27 metres of line length for drying
  • Frame folds in half for use on one side
  • Bars fold individually for large laundry items
  • Mobile thanks to 4 rollers
  • Model : L81454


All Leifheit products come with a free 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for Leifheit products bought from Singapore outlets and online stores.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The service is extremely good. We needed this urgently to dry our newborn’s laundry. Upon placing order, I dropped a message to the seller and requested to have it expedited. They did it within 10mins and I receive the laundry rack the next day!

My hubby fixed up the rack and yes it appears to be light and flimsy. We did consider that it might be so to be mobile and easy push around. On top of that, with added weight from the laundry might make the rack more stable.

Ping H.

I same the demo for the biggest rack but bought this smaller one. Easy to setup, looked a little filmsy but hope it will serve its purpose well.

Lau E.

Frame was bend. The hanger was surprising unstable. It does have a catch like the previous model I have so frame is unstable when push. Also the coating thing already cracks so make it more susceptible to rusting. Disappointed with the product. And it was an expensive. Sorry to disappoint folks. Rejected the product. Requested for refund. Lazada was very helpful in the process

Stanley A.

Functioning tool for baby clothing!

Cheang W.

Extremely disappointed with the product. For $130 I would expect it to be sturdy. The whole structure is flimsy and doesn’t look like it can withstand a lot of weight. I can easier get this kind of quality from tabao at a fraction of the price. Just had too high expectations from Leifheit. My bad.