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Leifheit (Singapore)

LEIFHEIT Window Slider Replacement 40cm L51343

LEIFHEIT Window Slider Replacement 40cm L51343

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This way, the Leifheit Powerslide 40 turns in a flash into an all round window wiper. Simply put the powerful cover on the rubber lip and the Powerslide 40 removes even persistent dirt from windows, balcony doors and winter gardens. The wiping width is 40cm.


  • Powerful cover for the Leifheit Powerslide 40
  • Easy to operate
  • Turns the squeegee into a window wiper
  • XL-wiping width: 40 cm
  • Model : L51343


All Leifheit products come with a free 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for Leifheit products bought from Singapore outlets and online stores.

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