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      Leifheit Cleaning Guide

      5 Ways To Keep Your Carpet As Good As New

      Living Room with Carpet

      Carpets are an amazing centre piece for any household. However, a lot of germs, dirt, and bacteria are being collected in carpets. That being said, we should not forget about them while spring cleaning, especially if you have kids around the house. 

      Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain and keep your carpet clean. 


      1. Vacuum Your Carpet Weekly

      Steam Mop on Carpet

      Regular vacuum cleaners can be used for your carpet. However, vacuum cleaners may damage the carpet’s fibre due to the roller brush. You can prevent this by choosing the right setting and height. 

      Using a steam mop is an effective method for carpet cleaning as compared to conventional carpet cleaning. Hot steam removes marks without causing damage to the carpet. Additionally, some of them come along with carpet gliders to move swiftly without obstructions, which are optimal for regular carpet cleaning. This is the perfect method to maintain the beauty of the carpet, sanitise and remove dirt residing in it.


      2. Do Not Expose Carpet To Sun 

      Carpet Sun

      To prevent discolouration and damage to the fibre, try not to expose your carpet to the sun. Draw your curtains in the day to prevent direct exposure to the hot afternoon sun. Additionally, place your carpet under the fan instead of sunning it.


      3. Remove Stains Immediately

      Carpet Stain

      Scrubbing your carpet will damage the fibres and create fuzzy areas. Instead, blot the affected area with warm water. Remember to blot the stain from the outer corner inwards to avoid spreading the stain. Use a damp white towel and repeat until the stain is being removed. If you are patient enough, it should be easily removed. 


      4. Remove Footwear

      Footwear Carpet

      Thankfully, most of us remove our footwear before entering a house. Not only will this habit keep dirt away from your carpet, it will also prevent odd patterns from forming. Constant stress on the carpet from hard surfaces (such as shoes) will cause dents to form on the carpet.

      A good alternative would be house slippers. They have softer soles that will be gentler to your carpets.


      5. Routine Deep Cleaning

      Routine Deep Cleaning

      Once or twice a year, you should also schedule your carpet for a routine professional deep cleaning session. Cleaning the carpet at home only washes the surface. Professionally cleaning the carpet will ensure that even the most persistent germs will be removed. 


      If you’re looking for cleaning tools to help you deep clean your carpet more effectively, check out our collection of cleaning appliances!

      These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

      These Cleaning Habits Are Ruining Your Home

      Have you ever wondered why are your windows still dirty even after wiping them? Or why is it that the stone-counter top on your newly renovated kitchen has so many scratches? Below are some cleaning habits you may unknowingly have, that had caused you such problems.

      1. Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

      Choosing the Wrong Time to Clean

      An issue that many people have is the smudges and streaks on their windows. It is advisable to not clean your windows when the sunlight is out and strong. Cleaning under direct sunlight will cause the windows to still have streaks even after 30 minutes of vigorous wiping. The reason being that the sunlight will dry up the cleaning liquid quickly, turning it into stubborn streaks that are difficult to remove.

      It would be best to clean your windows on a cloudy day or when the sun has gone down. Alternatively, you can use a window vacuum to wipe your windows clean at any time of the day.


      2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

      Using the wrong cleaning supplies

      Using the wrong cleaning supplies may cause damage to the item. Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners as well as hacks that are not attested by professionals. If you have any furniture or surface made out of natural stone, using a microfibre cloth and soap specialised to clean stone surfaces will be ideal.


      3. Waiting for Chores to Pile Up

      Waiting for chores to pile up

      Reaching home after a hard day at work, all you want to do is lie down and rest. But having a habit of pushing back chores is not good! Stacks of dirty dishes and dirty laundry lying around may cause pests to gather.

      Just a fun fact, cockroaches can live for a few weeks without its head, it only dies because it has no mouth to drink water from. 

      So although you are tired, make sure that your home is clean before you go to bed and your daily chores are completed. The cockroach and its big family are unwelcome guests after all.


      4. Using Dirty Cleaning Supplies

      Using dirty cleaning supplies

      Cleaning your home with dirty cleaning supplies will only cause your home to get dirty. Dirty mops and brooms will only spread the grime all over your house. We have done an article on how to take care of your cleaning supplies here. Go give it a read to ensure that you are cleaning effectively!


      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.


      Are Your Cleaning Appliances Really Clean?

      Are Your Cleaning Appliances Really Clean?

      Let’s admit it, after a hard day’s work of cleaning up, most of us would chuck everything into the broom closet/cabinet not having a care in the world until the next round of chores. After all, you did all that work and deserve a break! However, improper maintenance of your cleaning gear would put all your efforts to waste: an unmaintained mop could end up spreading more germs.
      Lucky for you, we have provided some quick and easy steps on how to maintain common household cleaning appliances.
      1. Brooms and Dusters


      Starting off the list, we have the first line of defence against dirt: the humble broom and duster. They may look relatively clean through the naked eye, but those bristles could be hiding hoards of germs. Here are a few short steps you can take to ease your mind:

      1. Remove debris. This can be done by combing through the bristles, giving the equipment a good whack, and/or vacuuming. (If you are using corn brooms, this is the only step you need to follow)
      2. Soap and soak the broom for 30 minutes in dishwashing soap and warm water
      3. Leave to completely dry

      2. Scrub Brushes, Sponges, and Cleaning Cloths


      From dishes to tabletops and furniture, a once through with liquid cleaning products is a must in any household. However, these tools are constantly in contact with water. With poor storage and no ample time to dry, damp environments for a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. As such, we would need something slightly stronger:

      1. Soak in at least 3 tablespoons of bleach to a litre of water for a minimum of 5 minutes
      2. Squeeze and wring properly before leaving to completely dry

      With just 2 steps, you’ve just made your house significantly more sanitary. While there are other methods to sanitising sponges and cloths, this is the safest and most efficient method (microwaving may run the risk of starting a fire if done improperly!)
      Alternatively, if you are using microfibre cloths, a quick and simple wash in the laundry is all you need.
      3. Mops


      Similar to scrub brushes and sponges, mops are potential have for germs and bacteria when not maintained and stored properly. All you have to do is:

      1. Soak the mop in a solution of one part water and one part bleach. Soak for at least 15 minutes
      2. Leave to completely dry (you may wring the mop head but don’t be too aggressive as it may damage the mop head fibres)
      3. You can also take this opportunity to do some trimming on loose mop fibres

      If you have gotten on board the steam mop trend, all you need to do with our Clean Tenso Steam Mop is to chuck the micro fibre mop base pad into the laundry at 60 degrees celsius.
      4. Miscellaneous (Buckets, Dust Pans, Trash Cans, Spray Bottles)

      It goes without saying that peripheral cleaning items should be cleaned out every once in a while. Some warm water and dishwashing soap of your choosing is enough to give them a good and proper clean.
      At the end of the day, as long as you abide by the basic principles of disinfecting, drying, and storing in a dry environment, you are good to go. Do these steps for your cleaning every 2 weeks or so to eliminate those pesky germs. Since many of us are stuck at home, these small and simple steps will go a long way in ensuring good hygiene standards. Besides, a clean and healthy home is a clean and healthy you.


      From cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      Quick And Easy Tips To Cleaning Your Bathroom

      Quick And Easy Tips To Cleaning Your Bathroom

      Probably the most dreaded areas to clean in the house, the bathroom certainly appears to be a daunting place to clean. However, it stands to reason that the very room we use to clean ourselves should always be in tip top condition. Furthermore, the toilet isn’t even the dirtiest place in the house (we will have an article covering that soon)!

      Regardless, we have made an idiot proof guide to cleaning your bathroom.


      1. Arm yourself with the right tools


      Before you start cleaning, you must make sure you have the right tools. You want to do your chores in the most efficient and timely manner. Besides, you may risk damaging surfaces if you use the wrong cleaning appliance or product. The bare essentials you would need are the following items: toilet brush, sponges, squeegee, broom, mop, and bucket.

      Looking at that short list, you will notice that everything, with the exception of the toilet brush (and maybe the squeegee), can be found elsewhere in the house. However, these are the bare essentials for a reason. Appliances such as those that fall under Leifheit’s Click System as well as the Leifheit Window Vacuum not only make life so much easier, but their functional features also ensure that you get the biggest bag for your buck.

      2. Schedule your chores 

      Scheduled Cleaning

      As the adage goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Break up your tasks into weekly and monthly tasks. This makes the cleaning process streamlined and easier in the long run (you don’t want to wait until pesky soap suds and mildew to start showing up, do you?). Here is a suggested list to follow:

      On a weekly basis, ensure that the trashcan is emptied, and toiletries are stocked. Things such as was towels, bathmats, and shower curtains should also be cleaned. The toilet, sink, bathtub, bathroom tiles, and knobs should be cleaned and disinfected. Don’t forget to give the floor and mirror a good cleaning too!

      Once a month, take the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of the bathroom. This includes cleaning the ventilation fans, drawers, cabinets, and showerhead. These are often overlooked items to clean which would lead to long term problems if overlooked (don’t give mildew any chance to prosper deep in some cabinet).

      3. Organization is key

      Organised bathroom

      On top of organizing your time, an organized space will make life a lot easier (trust us, you don’t want to keep manually laying out toiletries one by one every time you clean the bathroom). Small containers (or even jars) can act as simple storage units to help compartmentalize everything. You can even use reusable soap dispensers and bottles (in fact, here is a list of some eco-friendly stores that also sell soap and other body care products as refills). 

      Not only does this help with making your bathroom appear less cluttered, but it also allows you to support the efforts in making society more environmentally conscience. In fact, why not upcycle other old home appliances into storage units? Be creative!

      4. Make it fun

      Couple Cleaning

      Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a drag. In fact, if you share your house with your family, housemates, or spouse, cleaning up can be a lot more fun. Don’t be afraid of turning it into a fun activity by introducing some game elements or by simply playing some of your favourite tunes. Granted, this is less of a practical tip, however, being in the right head space will help pull you through more than you can expect.

      Here are some articles that we have shared in the past with regard to turning chores into a more wholesome activity. If you live independently, then guess what? You live in a house with less of a mess to clean. There’s always a silver lining. Plus, it’s a good excuse to practice some of those dance moves while cleaning the walls without anyone watching.

      At the end of the day, the bathroom is a lot like our own bodies: simple consistent maintenance will go a long way. The last thing you want is some irreparable damages that would end up costing you a huge hole in your pockets. Additionally, it's another essential skill that will see you through your life. The next steps beyond this would be simple bathroom repairs; in no time, you will be the master of your own home.


      From cleaning toolslaundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

      4 Quick Ways To Clean Up After Your Guests This CNY

      4 Quick Ways To Clean Up After Your Guests This CNY

      In a week or so, you will be at home, waiting for your guests and relatives to arrive as Chinese New Year rolls in. After much procrastination and help from our article on Top 5 Tips For Last Minute Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning, you notice that your house has never been cleaner. You celebrate this personal victory, but only for a moment. You realise that all this effort will be easily undone by the day's end.

      Don't worry, we got you covered. Here are some quick tips on cleaning up after your guests for this coming Chinese New Year.

      1. Food and perishables

      Clear the tables

      Make sure that this is the first step you do; who knows how tired you may be by the end of all the celebrations and merrymaking. Besides, if this is the only step you do, you won't have to worry about food going stale and the dishes will be ready for cleaning. While you are in the kitchen, you should also prepare some boiling water for step 3.


      2. Wipe down any surfaces

      Wipe surfaces

      Ensure that you have wiped all the top areas used by you and your guests. Pay special attention to table tops and chairs. Be sure to use disinfectant to get rid of those pesky germs and bacteria.  Don't be afraid to wipe off any dirt to the floor as the next step will take care of that. As long as you start from higher surfaces and go downwards, you won't have to do double duty in re-cleaning certain areas. As for furniture with fabric covers, a lint remover should make life a lot easier.


      3. Sweep and mop the floor

      Sweep and mop the floor

      Get your biggest broom and favourite mop ready. Pay special attention to the house entrance and dining areas as that's where most dirt would have accumulated throughout the visit. Add the boiled water to your favourite mopping cleaning product. This does 2 things: disinfect the water and also allows for shorter drying time after mopping up.


      4. Toilet duties

      Toilet duties


      Last but certainly not the least,  the bathroom. Focus on the toilet and sink. A quick wipe down of the sink faucet and toilet seat while also applying your favourite cleaning product into the toilet bowl should do the trick. Don't forget to chuck any of the hand towels into the laundry!

      Congratulations, your house is almost as fresh as it was right after spring cleaning! An additional piece of advice: plan ahead. Simple steps such as storing away excess cushions would make this process a lot simpler. This is also a great opportunity to embrace that minimalist lifestyle as less clutter translates to more free time after cleaning.

      As we are living through this pandemic, simple hygiene and cleaning practices goes a long way. It pays to be a good guest when you are visiting someone else's house this season; this means tidying up after yourself and staying home if you are not feeling well. That being said, do celebrate responsi bly and have a wonderful Chinese New Yea ahead!



      From cleaning tools, laundry items to kitchen accessories, Leifheit has got all you need to make life at home easier.

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