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      Leifheit Cleaning Guide

      You Can't Do Spring Cleaning Without These 8 Cleaning Tools!

      You Can't Do Spring Cleaning Without These 8 Cleaning Tools!

      Spring is upon us! Chinese New Year 2020 falls on 25 January — a date earlier than usual.

      Do start planning your spring cleaning schedule early to get your house sparkling clean in time for your relatives & guests this CNY!

      Equip yourself with these 8 essential cleaning appliances for the spring cleaning battle:

      1. MOP SET

      Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop Set

      A mop set comprises of a mop wiper and a mop bucket.

      While practically any pail & mop can do the job, a good quality mop set cleans your floors more efficiently & with lesser effort.

      For example, spin mop sets, which are becoming increasingly popular, feature a mechanism whereby the mop is wrung by twisting the mop stick into a specially designed wringer.

      This makes wringing less tiring, as you don’t have to bend your back & subject your tired hands to squeezing detergent-filled water!


      vacuum cleaner

      Before you begin mopping your floors, it is crucial to vacuum the floor first to get rid of any dirt, dust or loose particles.

      While vacuum cleaners come in many shapes, sizes and feature different technologies, it is important to find one that suits your needs and house confines.

      For more information on the different types of vacuum cleaners, here’s a buying guide to help you pick one suited for you.


      Microfibre cloth

      Microfibre cloths are all the rage these days — and rightly so. These cloths are miracle workers!

      The microscopic fibres in these cloths attach themselves to dirt, trapping them within their fibres and ensuring that the surface is bacteria-free.

      A good microfibre cloth should leave the surface with a good polish-like feel that feels smooth on the skin. That’s when you know that all the dirt has been removed from the surface!

      Microfibre cloths comes in a variety of shapes and forms, each with their own unique features to clean specific areas of your home effectively. We highly recommend the E-Cloth, which claims that it just needs water to clean — a claim that we ourselves can’t refute.

      4. DUSTER

      Leifheit Duster

      You might not notice it, but there are layers of dust accumulating in areas of your home that your eyes don’t see.

      Be it on the top of your cupboards or the back of your television closet, the accumulated dust might trigger dust allergies and sinus from your guests.

      Hence, it is important to have a high quality duster to dust the hidden and hard-to-reach spots thoroughly.


      Bathroom Cleaner

      Even though this is where we clean ourselves daily, the bathroom is definitely not the cleanest of rooms in your home.

      There’s grime, dirt and bacteria stuck in between your bathroom tiles, and watermarks stuck on your bathroom mirrors & glass partitions.

      Get rid of any unsanitary stains & unpleasant odours before your guests arrive — be sure to take care of the bathroom floor, walls, and any glass surfaces.


      Window Wiper

      Washing your windows is a tedious chore to do, and hence we don’t do it on a regular basis.

      But with the spring cleaning season coming up, what better time to do it then now!

      When selecting your cleaning tool of choice, we recommend choosing wipers with microfibre cloth attachments. These clean off any dirt and watermarks from your window surface easily!


      Leifheit Detergent

      While it is important to have all the tools needed to clean your house, it’s also important to have the right cleaning solutions to use with these tools. 

      Do check that you have sufficient detergent left before you embark on your spring cleaning campaign!

      Nothing is more frustrating than being all hyped up and ready to start on your cleaning chores, only to realise that you’ve run out of the very thing you need.

      8. DRYER

      Leifheit Pegasus Laundry Rack Dryer

      Make your home extra cozy this CNY by washing all your cushion covers, pillow cases and bedsheets before your guests arrive!

      To support your laundry washing and drying needs, you’ll need a good quality laundry drying rack that is both sturdy, offers extensive drying space, and space-efficient.


      Make Your Home Guest-Friendly For Christmas By Cleaning These 5 Areas

      Make Your Home Guest-Friendly For Christmas By Cleaning These 5 Areas

      Christmas time is almost here! While there’s much joy when you’re with friends and family, you’d want to make sure that your house is clean and guest-ready before they come over.

      It could be a stressful process, so here’s a useful and practical Christmas cleaning list for your home, complete with cleaning tips for those in a hurry!


      Clean Twist Mop Set Floor Mop

      Start by sweeping or vacuuming your floors to remove any dirt, dust, hair, crumbs, and any other loose debris.

      Once done, grab your mop set and start mopping your floors! Don’t miss this step as it removes any bacteria and germs from your floor.

      Plus, it gives it a shine that will feel good on your guests’ feet!

      Cleaning Tip: If you’re short of time, focus on cleaning the floors in the parts of your house where your guests will be at, such as your living room and dining area.

      _ _ _

      Check out our recommended floors cleaning products: https://leifheit.sg/collections/mops-brooms-sweepers

      _ _ _


      Clean Tenso Steam Mop Carpet Cleaner

      Carpets are the centrepiece of your living room. We often neglect cleaning them, even though they collect a lot of germs, dirt and bacteria.

      While you can hire a professional carpet cleaning services, that might be too troublesome to arrange if you’re short on time.

      Cleaning Tip: Alternatively, you can DIY and clean your carpets with just a steam mop cleaner! It cleans carpets by injecting hot steam into your carpets, which removes any bacteria, germs and odours that are lodged within your carpets.

      _ _ _

      Learn more about steam mop cleaners here: https://leifheit.sg/pages/leifheit-clean-tenso-steam-mop

      _ _ _


      Bathroom Cleaner

      As a guest, there’s no worse feeling than having to relief yourself in a dirty and unclean bathroom.

      When cleaning your bathroom, pay attention to these areas: 

      Glass surfaces — Bathroom window, mirrors, shower partition, etc. Give it a good wipe down with a window cleaner to remove any stains and give it a shine.

      Bathroom walls — Use a good tile cleaner to wipe away any dirt or grime that might have accumulated on your bathroom walls.

      Bathroom floor — Scrub out any dirt, soap scum and stains off your bathroom floor using a push broom.

      This step might require a bit more time and effort, but maintaining a clean toilet ensures a pleasant Christmas experience for your guest!

      _ _ _

      Not sure what tools to use for bathroom cleaning? Check out our range of bathroom cleaning products here: https://leifheit.sg/collections/all/bathroom

      _ _ _


      Cleaning Cloth

      Ensure that any exposed surface in your home is clean from any dust and dirt!

      Start with your kitchen first, as that’s where your Christmas dinner is prepared. Do ensure that your countertops, stove tops and kitchen are thoroughly wiped and cleaned.

      Once done, move on to your living room, where your guests will be gathered after the Christmas dinner! Wipe all the exposed surfaces there, such as your coffee table, cabinets and TV stands.

      _ _ _

      Looking for a good quality cleaning cloth? Check out our range of cloth here: https://leifheit.sg/collections/cleaning-products/cleaning-cloth

      _ _ _


      Let’s face it — your Christmas decorations spend most of its time collecting dust in some deep corner of your cupboard!

      Do give them a good cleaning before hanging them up to avoid triggering any dust allergies from your family and guests.

      Use a good duster to gently remove any dust that has accumulated on your decorations.

      _ _ _

      Keep the dust off your home with our range of dusters: https://leifheit.sg/collections/cleaning-products/duster 

      How To Get Your Children To Clean The House This School Holidays!

      How To Get Your Children To Clean The House This School Holidays!

      Keeping your home clean is crucial for your children’s health.

      Ask any parent and they would know — cleaning the house keeps germs away and prevents your children from catching sinus, flu or other dust-related allergies.

      Now that your children are having their school holidays, it’s the best time to educate them and get them to be your extra pairs of helping hands around the house!

      Although it may seem like an uphill battle to get them to cooperate, with the right instruction and guidance, you can nature them to be meticulous cleaners!

      Here are some tips for you to get your kids to start cleaning:

      1. Delegate chores and cleaning roles

      Break up house cleaning duties so that every member of the family has a specific job to do.

      For example, one child can be in-charge of washing the dishes, while another child can be in-charge of sweeping the floor.

      Not only does this give your children simple and easy-to-follow instructions, it also allows them to take ownership of their tasks.

      Additionally, do rotate their assigned chores regularly to keep them interested, and also to allow them to pick up new cleaning skills!

      2. Make It a Game

      For younger children, turning chores into games can excite your kids to clean the house. An example is to “race” them to see who can finish packing up the toys first.

      Another tactic, especially for parents with multiple children, is to get them to work towards common goal.

      For example, you could tell your children to clean up their room within a certain timeframe, after which they will be rewarded with an incentive, such as a trip to the ice-cream store!

      3. Set Up a Reward System

      The older your children get, the more difficult it is to get them to clean.

      As such, they need a stronger motivation to interest them to clean — try out a reward system!

      Reward them with privileges (such as extra play time, allowances, movie time, etc.) when they get their assigned tasks done.

      The reverse also applies: take away these privileges when they refuse to follow through with their assigned task.

      Of course, it is equally as important to follow through on your rewards and punishments to show them that you mean business!

      4. Show Your Appreciation

      Children are constantly seeking affirmation and reassurance from their parents.

      As such, it is important for you to be as encouraging and supportive as possible, even if the cleaning task wasn’t done exactly to your expectations.

      Rather than scolding them for not executing the task to your expectations, thank them for their efforts sincerely!

      Then, practise the task again with them, guiding them through with helpful hints that would result in a more successful clean in the future.

      5. Set a good example

      You might not think that they are, but your children are constantly watching the things you say and do around the house. Children learn from our examples, and they inadvertently mimic our actions.

      So do take the extra effort to put your shoes back into the closet neatly, or diligently wipe the dust from every corner of your house.

      Your children will remember your actions and be more inclined to carry out their cleaning chores without making a fuss!
      _ _ _ 

      Shop Leifheit’s wide range of home cleaning products here this school holiday season: https://leifheit.sg/collections/clean-home

      5 Common Steam Mop Mistakes

      5 Common Steam Mop Mistakes

      Steam mops make it easy for us to clean and sanitise our floors. From food and pets stains to dirtied floors, steam mops can effectively remove any dirt and bacteria without any back-bending or hand-wringing.

      However, as much as they provide huge cleaning power and convenience, they do require to be handled carefully and used correctly.

      Here are 5 things that you should definitely not do with your steam mop!

      1. Do not plug in your steam mop before attaching the mop pad

      Only plug in your steam mop when you’re ready to start mopping. Steam mops can heat up very quickly… much faster than you think!

      To avoid accidentally scalding yourself with hot steam while trying to change out a mop pad, simply do it before you plug in your steam mop.

      2. Do not use your steam mop without vacuuming or sweeping your floor

      Floors need to be vacuumed or swept before they can be mopped. This is crucial, as without this step, the dirt, sand, hair, and food crumbs on your floor will be just be pushed around, leaving your floor as dirty as before.

      Furthermore, these particles might clog up the fibres of the mopping pad, reducing its ability to sanitise your floor and restricting the steam from coming out of the mop.

      3. Do not store the steam mop with a dirty or wet mop pad

      After you’re done steam mopping, do not store it immediately while the mop pad is still wet or dirty! Doing this might result in mildew forming on your mop pad, effectively ruining it.

      Instead, do let your steam mop cool down after you’re done mopping, before removing the steam mop pad. Then proceed to cleaning and dry it.

      4. Do not put anything in the water tank other than water

      You might think it is a good idea to fill up your steam mop’s water tank with detergents or other cleaning liquids… but it’s NOT!

      Most steam mops are designed to be used with only water. Using any liquids other than water may damage your steam mop and your floors.

      5. Do not wash mop pads with fabric softeners

      Most steam mop pads are made of microfibres, which don’t react well to be being washed with fabric softeners.

      As a rule of thumb, never wash microfibre cloths using fabric softeners, as it clogs up the microfibres, making it lose its absorbent properties.

      Wash your mop pads with detergent only!

      _ _ _

      If you’re looking for a good high quality steam mop, do check out our new Clean Tenso portable handheld steam mop cleaner! Learn more here: https://leifheit.sg/pages/leifheit-clean-tenso-steam-mop

      WHAT exactly are Steam Mops & HOW do they work?

      WHAT exactly are Steam Mops & HOW do they work?

      The steam mop is one of the latest and best innovations in the home cleaning market. They are not just faster at cleaning than a regular mop, but they clean more effectively too. Yet, many still do not know about steam mops, how they work, and what benefits they have.

      So, we’re here to tell you how a steam mop works, and how to use one!

      If you dread using a traditional mop & bucket combination to mop your floors, you might want to take a closer look into steam mops.


      Steam Mop
      Steam mops are actually very simple cleaning systems! In essence, they work by heating up water into hot steam, which is passed into the floor to do the cleaning. When a steam mop is powered up, the water tank will heat the water up to 121°C, at which it becomes hot steam.

      The steam is then channeled down into the mop pad covering the mop head, soaking it up with the hot steam before it gets passed through into the floor.

      When the hot steam gets passed into the floor, it goes to work! The heat of the steam kills any germs, bacteria and dust mites on the floor.

      The steam also loosens up any dirt and grime on the floor using sharp and focused heat. The mop pad then absorbs the dissolved dirt, leaving your floors sparkly clean.

      Not only are steam mops more sanitary and faster at cleaning than traditional mops, they are MUCH more convenient as well. Say goodbye to dragging heavy buckets of water around, and save your energy squeezing out your mops!

      Furthermore, steam mops disinfect and cleans using hot steam, removing the need for chemical products. This saves you a lot of money from having to buy countless bottles of detergent!

      It’s hard not to see why steam mops are the new big thing in home cleaning!


      Steam mops are really simple to use. Just follow through with these steps and you’ll have a clean and sanitised floor in no time.

      Step 1: Prepare the floor
      As with any form of mopping, it is advisable to remove any loose debris on the floor before mopping. Simply use a vacuum cleaner or broom to rid of any debris that might potentially inhibit your mopping routine.

      Step 2: Get started

      Steam Mop
      Before starting up a steam mop, attach a cleaning pad onto the mop base, and ensure that the water tank has been filled up with tap water. Make sure you do this step BEFORE plugging in the steam mop to avoid getting burnt or receiving an electrical shock!

      After that, simply power up your steam mop and wait for it to heat up the water in the tank. Once hot steam is ready to be used, the steam mop’s indicator light will go up.

      Your steam mop is then ready to be used!

      Step 3: Time to clean

      Steam Mop
      When you’re passing over a surface with the mop, simply press the trigger of the steam mop to release the steam onto it.

      If any spots on your floor require more intensive cleaning, steam out those spots for 15 to 20 seconds to completely sanitise them. Do not steam a spot for more than 20 seconds to avoid saturating the floor with steam.

      If the steam mop stops emitting steam, quickly unplug the system, remove the water tank, and refill it with tap water.

      Step 4: Store it away

      Steam Mop
      Once you’re done cleaning your floor, switch off the steam mop and unplug it.

      Be sure to to remove the cleaning pad, give it a good machine wash and dry it out.

      Do not store your mop while it’s wet — it could result in mildew!
      _ _ _

      If you’re looking for a good high quality steam mop, do check out our new Clean Tenso portable handheld steam mop cleaner! Learn more here: https://leifheit.sg/pages/leifheit-clean-tenso-steam-mop